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Digital Manipulatives
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Arithmetic Computation, Drills, Practice
Equation solving calculator
Graphing Tool
Applications Calculator
Derivative Calculator
Summation Calculator
Integral Calculator


      These are links I use every day in teaching regular math classes supported by this internet site.

  • MATH SPOKEN HERE! 460+ arithmetic, algebra, and precalc dictionary
    [MSH! Home] -- Home Page
    [Words] - All Words
    Classes - Lessons, Tutorials -- Signed Numbers, Trig, etc.
    [MSH! Grouped Words] - Words Grouped by Topic
    [Dictionary Table of Contents] - Table of Contents
    [Dictionary Essays] - Essays
  • - Term Tiles & Tokens, manipulatives for algebra
  • -- The Hundreds Board Book
    - The Most Valuable Manipulative in Elementary School
  • WWW School Home Page & Index
    -- Create & Edit Web pages for personal, professional, student use
    [www home]
  • MathTokens.Com, digital manipulative spreadsheets on all sorts of math stuff
    spread sheet notes
  • Computer's Spreadsheet Notes & Index for completeing tasks on a spreadsheet
    spread sheet notes
  • Excel Spreadsheets which automatically download and work
    spread sheet notes
  • Function Library, Algebra & Precalc & Calc I Notes/Material
  • The Questionbooks -- Writing-to-Learn, "Critical Thinking Assignments"
  • Arithmetic
    QB, graded assignments
    Calc I
    QB, graded assignments




      It's computation practice with a smile.

      The are connect-the-dots for topics from arithmetic to calc I --including:   How to Make a Connect-the-Dots Puzzle; Arithmetic, Consumer Math; Signed Number; Algebra; Solve Equations; Scientific Notation; Radicals, Irrational Numbers; Trig - Intro and Other Stuff; Exponents & Logs; Calculus


  • The Books on the Shelf - A Math Read Aloud Story Introduce math words and idea in story form.Ideal for 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds, prereaders.
  • Hands to Head, Head to Hands, Pre-K to 2,
    NCTM, Baltimore, MD 10/04
  • nctmd "Playfully Use Hands, Voices, Feet, and Brains to Learn Math in PreK-2."

        Introduce, reinforce, and review Pre-K through 2nd-Grade math in a playful yet sophisticated manner. Be kinesthetic, auditory, visual, and symbolic. Play cards and other games to teach number families, computation, and vocabulary. Use the hundreds board for numeric literacy and computation. Listen to a math fairy tale. Leave singing.



  • "A Game for Two Players" Using words such as multiple, multiply, divisible, divide, prime, composite, add, and subtract, reinforce math vocabulary skills and provide practice with mental computation [5 kb].
  • Primes to 101 Ideal for middle school introduction or remedial review.
  • The Hundreds Board is the MOST VALUABLE manipulatives in elementary mathmatics. This page will introduce you to this concrete mathematics language!! AND, IT IS AN IDEA RESOURCE FOR INTEGER COMPUTATION. You should not pass up this opportunity.
  • SIGNED NUMBER 100s Board is the MOST VALUABLE manipulatives in middle school integer computation.
  • Integer Hundreds Board -- negative-positve board (0 on left)
  • Term Tiles Masters -
    x2, x, 1: front (required)     -x2, -x, -1: back (optional)
  • "Who Has" - Signed Numbers Group Game One of a family of mental computation math games for a group. Ideal for prealgebra or algebra classes.
  • "Prime Factorization Puzzle/Practice" This is a prime recognition and prime factorization board. Come play.
  • Height at adulthood based on birth length and percentiles on logistic curve -- Use the data the medical doctors use and the heights and ages of your students to estimate their heights at adulthood.
  • Word Problems at the January 2012 Irvington Effective Collaboration/Communication, Effective Instruction, and Rigor as We Prepare for the HSPA/NJASK Inservice.

"Who Has" Games


        Graphing w/Manipulatives Product Line

The entire book is now on line at: Exploring Functions Through the Use of Manipulatives.

      They are the MOST VALUABLE manipulatives in secondary mathmatics. Function manipulatives may be used in:
  • representing or graphing expressions,
  • presenting translantions, reflections, and dilations of functions,
  • finding "inverses",
  • solving equations,
  • explaining the composition of functions,
  • introducing and developing the concept of slope, domain and range.
      The materials listed below come from the publication EXPLORING FUNCTION THROUGH THE USE OF MANIPULATIVES, © 1994, Agnes Azzolino, ISBN: 0-9623593-3-5. It, as other material at mathnstuff.com is provided for not-for-profit at no cost to the user. Please remember to site the source.
Visit these summary pages or the entire book: These pages are for in-class use:


mathnstuff.com on video
2024 2023
  • 10/28/2023, MATYCNJ Fall 2023 Conference, @ Sussex CCC
    "Arc Functions Through Auditory, Symbolic, Visual, and Kinesthetic Modalities"
  • 9/29/2023, the 4th Annual C2 Summit for Pedagogical Advancements in STEM, @ Raritan VCC
    "Precalc Presented Auditorily, Symbolicly, Analytically, and Kinestheticly Using Spreadsheets & Sketchpads"
  • 4/1/2023 Contributed Paper: "Absement and 'nth Derivatives of Displacement' Presented Dynamically & Analytically," MATYCNJ- MAA-NJ Joint Meeting, Kean University
2022 2021
  • 4/29/2021  Middlesex College's Lightning Talk Accompanying
    the Works Bibliography, Edison, NJ, "N' Stuff"
  • May 2021   First Grade Predicts Course Grade,  Spring 2021 Semester
  • 10/15/2021, Virtually w/Zoom, @ the 3rd Annual C2 Summit for Pedagogical Advancements in STEM, @ Raritan VCC
    "Functions, Derivatives, Antiderivatives with Sketch Pad,"
  • 10/23/2021, MATYCNJ, Virtual, “Handling” the “Paper Work”
  • 2/7/2019, AMTNJ Annual Winter Conference,
    Ramada Plaza, Monroe Twsp., NJ, "Multiplication,"
  • 4/25/2019, MCC's Festival of Arts and Sciences, Edison, NJ,
    "50+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format"
  • 10/18/2019, Raritan Valley CC, Branchburg, NJ,
    "Activating Precalculus and Calculus"
  • 10/19/2019, "Activating Precalculus and Calculus" Revised
  • 10/25/2019, AMTNJ, Crowne Plaza Princeton - Conference Center
    "Statistics: HEAVY on WORDS and PICTURES, LIGHT on Computation"
  • 11/2/2019, MATYCNJ, Brookdale CC, "Reimann Boxes:
    Fantastic Mathematics Presented Dynamically w/Sketch Pad"

  • 1/2018, NJECC, Montclair U, "Digital Manipulatives"
  • 1/2018, NJECC, Montclair U, "Everything with the tablet was really sick."
  • 5/31/2018, MMATYC, Wor-Wic Community College, Salisbury MD.,
    "What Happens When Out-of-the-Box Thinking Becomes Routine?"
  • 10/26/18, AMTNJ, East Windsor, NJ, "Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction"
  • 11/2018, AMATYC, Orlando, Florida, "Digital Manipulatives"

  • 3/17/2017, Rutgers Precalc, "Trig Tricks with Technology"
  • 4/21/2017, NOVA, Manassas Campus, "Technology and/or Developmental Math"
  • 4/28/2017, Belleville H.S., "Trig Tricks with Technology and Them Some"
  • 6/14/2017, Belleville H.S., "Belleville High School 2nd Math Workshop"
  • 9/29/2017, Belleville H.S., "Belleville High School 3rd Math Workshop"
  • 10/2017, AMTNJ Two-Day, "Games and Manipulatives: Digital and Concrete"

  • 3/2016, Rutgers Precalc, "Precalc Stuff" -- pre-precalc, functions, quadratics, polynomials, rationals, logs, some trig
  • 4/2016, MATYCNJ Brookdale, "Precalc Stuff" -- just highlights of precalc stuff
  • 11/2016, AMATYC, "Precalc Resources for Lecture Presentation and Test Creation" -- just highlights of precalc stuff
  • 12/2016, AMTNJ "Evaluate Your Tests and Assignments with the Assessment Inventory" -- evaluate tests and assignments and consider alternatives

  • 3/2015, Rutgers Precalc, "Teaching with Trig Tricks" -- trig
  • 4/2015, AMTNJ Technology Meeting, "Trig Tricks with Technology"

  • 1/8/2014, AMTNJ, "Solving Mixture Problems for All"
  • 3/2014, Rutgers Precalc, "Teaching with Trig Tricks"
  • 10/2014, AMTNJ, " Functions from a Standard 4.5 Perspective Grades 9 - 12"

  • 1/2013, AMTNJ, "Word Problems- The Reading Problem That Can Be Addresses in a Math Class"
  • 3/15/2013, Union CC, "Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction"
  • 10/2013, NCTM Baltimore, "Playfully Use Hands, Voices, Feet, and Brains to Learn Math in PreK-2."
  • 2/2012, AMTNJ, "Functions in 4 Modalities
    -- The Visual, Auditory, Symbolic, and Kinesthetic"
  • 3/2012, MATYCNJ, "Use Paint Shop and a Stylus to Improve Instruction"
  • 2/2012, AMTNJ, "Functions in 4 Modalities -- The Visual, Auditory, Symbolic, and Kinesthetic"
  • 1/2011 - 3/2011, Irvington, Union Middle School, Staff Development
  • 11/2011, NCTM, "30+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format"
  • 12/2011, AMTNJ, "Multiplication"
  • 11/2010, AMATYC , "30+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format"
  • 3/2010, MATYCNJ, "30+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format"
  • 1/2010, AMTNJ, "A Feedback Loop for the Classroom"
  • 2009, AMATYC, "Make Excel part of your daily class work"
  • 10/2009 & 12/2009, AMTNJ, "Digital Manipulative -- Ancient & Modern"
  • 7/2009, ICTMT09, Metz, France, "Les manipulatives numériques,"
  • 3/20/2009, Rutgers Precalc, Term Tiles & Tokens in Algebra I & II
  • 3/09/2008, MEC09 (Microcomputers in Education 2008) - "Math Stuff"
  • 12/03/2008 , AMTNJ, "Term Tiles & Tokens- The Visual / Auditory / Symbolic / Kinesthetic Approach to Algebra"
  • 3/17/2008, Rutgers Precalc, "Precalc & Algebra w/Spreadsheet"
  • May 1, 2007, Irvington Inservice, "Basic Algebra from An Advanced Standpoint"
  • 10/1/2005, MATYCNJ Brookdale Meeting, "Making the Writing of Expressions and Equations More Concrete by Using Term Tiles and Code."
  • 3/29/04, South River, "Math Inservice"
  • 5/20/04, NJ SSI & KISMET, "Use Term Tiles to Write Expressions, Solve Equations"
  • 10/04, NCTM, Baltimore, "Hands to Head, Head to Hands, Pre-K to 2"
  • 11/02/04 Metuchen, Workshop
  • 11/12/04 Middle School Math, Manipulatively!
  • 3/26/2004, DeVry U, "Teaching Math at the Two-Year"
  • 11/14/2003, AMATYC, "If You Only Chalk-&-Talk,Time Is Your Only Presentation Variable"
  • 1/8/2003DeVry, "Teacher Training @ the Two-Year College Workshop"
  • 3/21/03, Rutgers Precalc, "Computer as a Lecture Tool in Precalculus"
  • 5/03, "Languages of Algebra -- A Concrete-Pictorial-Symbolic-Written-Verbal Point of View"
  • 5/03 SSI, Randolph, "Hands to Head, Head to Hands, Pre-K to 2"
  • Pascack Valley, "HS Math & Special Ed Inservice"
  • 11/02, NCTM, Boston, "Hands to Head, Head to Hands, Pre-K to 2"
  • 11/2002, NJEA, "Concrete to Abstract - High School"
  • Virgina MATYC Plenary and Paper
    ISU Paper
    Rutgers "Spreadsheets"
  • October 2001 MATYCNJ Meeting, Raritan CC,
    "From Select/Copy/Paste to Design A Course on The Web -- In 3 Sessions"
  • 11/15/01, AMATYC, "19+ Languages of the Math Classroom"
  • 3/17/00: Rutgers Precalc Meeting: Plenary Session "The Languages of the Math Class"
  • 10/7/00: MATYCNJ Meeting, Raritan CC: "Web-Page Writing"
  • 10/13/00: NCTM Meeting, Philadelphia, PA: "Exploring Functions through Manipulatives"
  • 10/24/00: AMTNJ Annual Meeting, Somerville, NJ: "Middle School Manipulatives"
  • 10/27/00: AMTNYS, at the Nevelle: "Middle School Manipulatives" & "MATH SPOKEN HERE!"
  • 2/4/99: AMTNJ: "They Use Calculators on the Tests But I Don't Even Use Them In Class"
  • 3/10/99: - AMTNJ Montclair State U.: "Hands to Head: Manipulatives & Games for PreK - 2"
  • 3/13/99: Ocean County Math League Meeting
  • 3/19/99: Rutgers Precalc: "Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives"
  • 4/17/99, AMTNJ,Rowan U. Meeting, "Who Has"
  • 6/15/99: Mendam Elementary School, Mendham, NJ: Made "Flexagons" with Classes
  • 11/12/99: NJEA Teachers Convention: "Hands to Head: Manipulatives & Games for PreK - 2"
  • 12/2/99: AMTNJ: "Hands to Head: Manipulatives & Games for PreK - 2"
  • 9/16/98, Plainfield TI82 Calculator Workshop - Staff Training
  • 10/3/98: MATYCNJ CONFERENCE, Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville 2-hour Workshop: "Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives"
  • 10/21/98: AMTNJ PRECONFERENCE " Using the Graphing Calculator in the Middle Grades"
  • 10/23/98, AMTNJ, "The Languages of the Math Classroom"
  • 10/25-27/98, 48th Annual AMTNYS Meeting, Concord Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, New York "Flexagons and the Kaleidocycle"
  • 1998 AMATYC "Exploring Functions Through the Use of Manipulatives"
  • 1/8: NCAMS & NCMTA, C. W. Post College, "Hand to Heads: Manipulatives Precipitate Abstract Thought"
  • 3/15: NYS Ten-County Math Association, "Hand to Heads: Manipulatives Precipitate Abstract Thought"
  • 3/21: Judge, Matawan-Aberdeen, full dayjudging of K - 14 science projects
  • 5/22: Career Day Patrick Healy Middle School WAM, East Orange, NJ "Tetratetra-Flexaqon"
  • 5/23-24: NCTM Rochester, NY, "Exploring Functions..."
  • 5/26-28: NJ team-member: Algebra Symposium, Washington, DC
  • 6/5: Career Day Crossroads School, WAM, Monmouth Junction, NJ, "Predict Your Height at 18"
  • 8/6,7: NYS Math, Science, and Technology, Troy, NY, 2-hour "Exploring Functions," and 2-hour "Math Games"
  • 8/24: Presided as my students Denise Barrood & Michael Drulis presented at the Quantitative Literacy Symposium, Stockton State College, Pomona, NJ
  • 10/10: Burlington lnservices, 2-hour "grade 2 Teachers," 2-hours "grades 3-5 teachers"
  • 10/22 Presented: AMTNJ Supervisors' Meeting and Preconference, East Brunswick, NJ, full-day "Graphing Calculators"
  • 10/24 Presented: AMTNJ, East Brusnwick, NJ, 2-hour "Hexaflexagons and Kaleidocycles"
  • 10/25: Keynote Speaker: AMTNYC, Queens, NY: "Interactive Mathematics"
  • 11/14: AMATYC, Atlanta, GA, "Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives"
  • 12/15: Neptune, NJ, 2-hour inservise on the use of the T182
  • 1/8, Nassau County (NY) Math Teachers Association, "Hands to Head: Manipulatives Precipitate Abstract Thought - Grades K-2"
  • 1/16, Precal at Rutgers Planning Committee Meeting
  • 1/19, Roselle Park, Sherman School
  • 2/2, Keyport HS Math Class
  • 3/15, NJ Math Coalition/Rutgers PreCalc , New Brunswick, NJ
  • 4/13, MATYCNJ, Brookdale CC, Lincroft
  • 4/24, Math Week, Liberty Science Center, Jersey City, NJ
  • 5/8-9, Middlesex County College, Reading Days Graphing Workshop
  • 5/13, AMTNJ REGIONAL CONFERENCE, Rowan College of NJ, Glassboro, NJ
  • 5/15, AMTNJ REGIONAL CONFERENCE, Montclair State University
  • 5/16, 24-Game State Finals Judge
  • 5/17, MATYCNJ Executive Board Meeting, Keyport
  • 5/24, AMTNJ REGIONAL CONFERENCE, Trenton State college
  • 8/9, Algebra Meeting, Brookdale CC, Lincroft
  • 8/14, AMTNYS, Summer Meeting, SUNY-ONEONTA, NY
  • 8/15, Vineland Staff Training
  • 9/26, Vineland
  • 9/21, AMTNYC, Annual Fall Conference, Bronx HS of Science, NY
  • 10/25, AMTNJ Annual Meeting, Hilton, East Brunswick, NJ
  • 10/27, AMTNYS Annual Meeting, Concord Hotel, Kiamesha Lake, NY
  • 11/1, MATYCNJ: Brookdale CC, Lincroft, NJ, "Tristadecapath to Math"
  • 11/14-17, AMATYC Annual Meeting, Long Beach, CA, "A Journey with Self-Assessment as a Compass"
  • 1995, "Math Assessment Inventory: A Journey with Self-Assessment as a Compass"
  • 1993 AMATYC "Concrete Mathematics for Developmental Courses"
  • © 1992, ICME-7, Quebec, Canada. "Graphing with Manipulatives"
  • 8/91, MAA-SIAM-AMS, "Making Mathematics More Concrete: Manipulatives MINICOURSE"
  • 8/90, MAA-SIAM-AMS, "Writing to Learn Mathematics MINICOURSE"
  • 10/89, MATYC, "Writing to Learn Mathematics MINICOURSE"
ICME-7; NCTM, MAA-NJ, ATOMIC, NADE, NJADE, AMTNJ, NJEA, MAA-SIAM-AMS, NCSM, Fairleigh Dickenson U, Montclair State College, Moravian College, Brookdale CC, Rutgers U, Suffolk University, Raritan Valley CC, NOVA (at Manassas, VA), Union CC and others places.




  • "Zoom 1"- Set Up for a Meeting or to Create A Video
  • "Zoom 2" - Change Profile Image & Virtual or Pix Background
  • "Zoom 3"- Youtube & Stuff



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