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    The questionbook, QB, is a collection of out-of-class questions, letters, in-office quizzes, and an in-class project presentation designed to help you, the student, to assimilate and organize information, determine if you have acquired correct and complete information, and determine important points of lecture and course content.

    The first letter introduces you to the professor and is made in reply to a letter from the prof. The second letter helps strategize before the final exam.

    The questions (linked at left) are usually writing assignments to be done independently by the student, handed in to be graded, graded by the teacher, returned to the student to be corrected again or held in a safe place till the end of the semester.

    Each quiz is first taken in class. If a perfect paper is achieved, the student gets credit for the quiz. If a perfect paper is not achieved, the student may retake each quiz once per day until the end of the semester in an attempt to achieve the credit through a perfect paper.

    The project is an opportunity for a student to become an expert in some topic in the course.

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