Agnes ( A2) Azzolino

Letter to Students, First Assignment, & Weekly Report

Dear Student,

math home

    Welcome to the Spring 2024 semester. All classes and offices hours meet remote live.

    Our home base is the math page at   All course material is linked through this page, my schedule is provided, your course outline is linked through this page, and a pink box used to contact me is also found here. The page logo is a fish as in school of fish (shown at the left) and it has a link to the semester math page.

Things You Should Know About How This Course Is Run
  • The grade is based on performance, not practice.
  • The grade is based on tests & quizzes, not homework assignments.
  • There are:
    1. NO make-up tests or assignments,
    2. NO extra credit assignments,
    3. NO practice test or review sheets.
  • Students are required to:
    1. Print a test/quiz/webpage/pdf file WHILE IN CLASS AND VISIBLE ON THE CAMERA.
    2. Tests/assignment are submitted in some cases through an internet forms page,
          in some cases by email, or in some cases through through both.
    3. When submitted by emailed, a test/assignment must be RENAMED and ATTACHED
          and sent to your class email address at:
    4. WARNING!!!!
          The Middlesex College email server using
          is NOT A RELIABLE means of sending/receiving emails for grading.

          Sites with emails like,,,
    5. Until a address is received through the pink box,
          all course material/tests/etc. which are distributed by email will be sent
          to a student's current address.
  • Each class is recorded, but THE RECORDINGS ARE NOT POSTED.
  • MyOpenMath is available but NOT ASSIGNED and NOT GRADED.
  • Do NOT leave the video/camera screen, while taking a quiz or test:
    to use the bathroom or
    to print the assignment, or
    to submit a test/assignment, or any other reason.
    You will not receive a grade for the assignment and earn 0 points on the assignment.

    This letter serves a few purposes:
1. It introduces me to you.
2. It introduces you to me as part of your first homework assignment.
3. It provides a link to your First Assignment & Weekly Reports.
4. It states the policies of my classes.

    The policies begin here.

    The pace of the course is determined by the math department's course outline. It is your responsibility to learn the material. It is my responsibility to make the learning process as productive as possible. Ask questions. If you wish me to slow down, restate what I've just said, write it in symbols, write it in words, explain it in a different way, STOP ME and ask if I would do what you wish!

    When you stop me for a question or comment,
1st: Don't say, "Professor."
I know who I am and it wastes time.
2nd: Say your first name slowly & clearly.
This way I begin to learn the sound of your voice and who you are and I KNOW SOMEONE HAS A QUESTION OR COMMENT AND IS WAITING UNTIL I FINISH WHAT I AM DOING..
3rd: Wait until I say, "Yes." or "Yes, then your name,"
because more than one student may have a queation.
4th: State your question/comment.

    I enjoy teaching and try to make learning fun. Each semester, I try to make the course and my teaching better. In addition to the usual quizzes and tests, I write the web pages, connect-the-dots, yes, connect-the-dots, and games and tools we use. I wrote this page and the form on which you submit your letter.

    There are more comments and policies below. At some point, you should READ & UNDERSTAND THEM. Now we need to address your assignments. Yes, they are graded. You must introduce yourself to me now and weekly through the semester, tell me how things are going.

    We will examine the First Graded Assignment first. It introduces you to me and must be submitted by midnight on Friday, September 8th.   Who I Am is provided because I thought it only fair to reveal to you who I am because I wish to know who you are. You do not need to read it or do anything with it.  Once we examine the First Assignment, the Weekly Reports will be clear.

    Jump to the First Graded Assignment.

    The policies continue here. READ THEM!

Testing Issues:
  • Tests are like job interviews made months in advance: Treat them as such. Don't miss a test. I DON'T GIVE MAKE UP TESTS. If you miss the final exam, you can not pass the course.  
  • There are no make-up tests or assignments -- not for a court appearance, not for a doctor's appointment, not for an accident, ...
  • Tests may be given in class during class time or out of class during class time or another time period.
  • There usually is a quiz almost every other class, usually covering the CONTENT OF THE CLASS SINCE THE LAST QUIZ, usually administered at the beginning of class.
  • I must be able to see your face as you are taking a quiz, test, exam. Be sure your audio/video is working BEFORE the class in which a test is scheduled.
  • For assignments, tests, quizzes, all these rules hold.
    1. No communication (spoken, texted, phone message or conversation, written, file, image, etc.) with any other person at any time during the testing period or after the testing period.
    2. No sharing of calculator, phone, printer, etc.
    3. Calculator or notes or source other than the test/quiz is permitted UNLESS THE PROF SAYS THEIR USE IS NOT PERMITTED.
    4. Do not used A.I., artifical inteligence, in any way on a test/assignment.
    5. Web pages, such as those listed on Calc Won! and Precalc Notes, MAY BE USED but the source must be listed by the student on the assisnment.
    6. The student must provide on each assignment, a header, and on every page of the test/pocument a titled with info such as:
      ##.First.Last.EX.1 _______________________________M131 EX AM© 5/2023, A. (A²) Azzolino
      0.Email address is: ______________________________________
      00. EVERY page of your exam must have your name, number, & work page number as in: # and every file must have your name, number, & work page number also.
      000. EVERY file must be attached to your email and should be a pdf or doc or docx file.
      0000. Exam must be emailed to or with the subject:
      00000.By my initials, I swear no one has helped me & I have helped no one with this test. _________
      000000.By this second set of initials, I swear I have not used A.I., artifical inteligence, in any way on this test/assignment.  _________
      0000000. I used these non-class-notes web pages or text pages on this assignment. ______________________________
    7. DO NOT continue studying or consulting with another once test has begun. Do not assist another during test time.
    8. DO NOT recopy all or part of a test by hand. If you do not have a printer you are unprepared for class. Write your answer, but you will only receive PARTIAL CREDIT for your work.

    Assignments, Classes, & Tests: Adaptive Testing, Project Connections: More Classroom Policies

    A Bit About Me

        I am the mother of a 44-year-old tug boat captain and company president, a landlord who lives on the bay in Keyport, and the webmaster of, and I go by "asquared," "agnes," or "Professor Azzolino." I have been a teacher, tutor, day-care center "math lady," stage manager, grip, waitress, deck hand, captain, author and company president.

        I am the recipient of an AMATYC 1997 Award for Teaching Excellence and a MATYCNJ 1999 Outstanding Service Award, and the AMTNJ 2017 Max Sobel Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership in Mathematics Education, was twice president of MATYCNJ and once president of AMTNJ. A full time two-year college teacher, I created the Graphing with Manipulatives line of products. My publications include: Math Games for the Young Child, How to Use Writing to Teach Mathematics, Math Spoken Here!, Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives, Term Tiles and NCTM's classic Mathematics and Humor. I am a Life Member of NCTM and AMATYC and an Honorary Life Member of AMTNJ. I really enjoy being webmaster of and I enjoy stringing beads. Most of all I love being the mother of Michael Vinik, the grandmother of Nicholas Charles Vinik & Savannah Dorothy Justine Vinik, & the mother-in-law of Liz Vinik.

    Assignment Title:  First GRADED HOMEWORK:
    Assignment Code: 1st     Due:  by Midnight Friday, January 6, 2024:     Through this page, write a short letter to introduce yourself to me.
    0. What's your name as listed by the College?
    1. What's your class color:   blue   green   purple   yellow
    2. What's the (ONLY ONE!) email address that you would like me to use to contact you?
    3. Use the above info to write your email subject line that will look like:
        two-digit personal number.FirstName.LastName <EmailAddress> Assignment Code as in:
        00.asquared.Azzolino <email@youraddress> 1st
    · This info will also be use for your file name as in:   00.asquared.Azzolino.1st
    · It will go into the NAME OF EVERY EMAIL ATTACHMENT not sent through a forms page.
    · These emails go to:,, or,
    4. State the month and year you last attended a math course.  
    5. What was the name of your last math course?   
    6. What grade did you get? 
    7. On a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high), how good are you at math?    
        As with the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, the act of measuring makes the measurement less certain. Question #8 may do just that, influence the measurement -- hopefully in a positive way.
        Jonathan Malesic, author of "The End of Burnout," one who teaches writing at the University of Texas at Dallas, and who, according to the NY Times says,
        "I have seen that students who are open to new knowledge will learn. Students who aren't, won't."
        "But this attitude is not fixed. The paradoxical union of intellectual humility and ambition is something that every student can (with help from teachers, counselors and parents) and should cultivate. It's what makes learning possible."
        Eli Shore, Program Coordinator, Tri-Boro Driver Rehab & Mobility Services puts it a different way, "If you are not willing to listen, if you 'must do it your way' you won't be able to learn to drive."
        Consider: Do I want to be here? Am I here only because my parents/others forced me/wanted me to be here? Do I think it is "a waste" that I am taking this course? Am I here just to pass the courses I need for the degree I want? Am I game to learn something new? Am I looking forward to learning something new? Am I "open to new knowledge?"
    8. On a scale from 0 (low) to 10 (high), how "open to new knowledge" are you?    
    9. What is your major? What are your career plans?
    10. It is your job to teach me who you are. Give me A FEW WORDS about you so I can better recall who you are.
        · For example, about me one might write: son Mike tugboat captain, likes beads, math prof, webmaster
    11. What is important for me to know about you to make your semester more successful? How can I help the most?
        Before answering, consider how other students learn by reading the list on How I Learn. They learn by repetition, by review, by slow practice, by "storing it until understanding it, or memorizing it if I still don't understand it."
        · I LEARN SOMETHING BY repetition. -- Renee Donlon
        · I LEARN SOMETHING BY reviweing everything I learned in class at home everynight. -- Marta Felix
        · I LEARN SOMETHING BY learning one thing at a time. By slow repetative teaching. By nore practice class work when we go over every problem that was given in detail. At a slow, repetative, individual problem rate. -- Joe Ronzo
        · I STORE it until I understand it. I MEMORIZE it if I still don't understand it. -- Gashta
        If you wish me to go over a problem then perhaps give a list of instructions, this I can probably do.
        If you wish me to go over more problems similar to the first, there is no time in class to do this. You will need to come to my office.
    12. What did I forget to ask? Any additional comments?

        After submitting your work, you should see a green page.

        2nd part of assignment: Submit a Screen Shot of this box:

        Don't forget to rename it and attach it to the email and put the subject line of "##.First.Last.L2  <your email address> on the email.

    WEEKLY REPORT, due almost every Friday at 11:59 from February 2, 2024 to May 26, 2024.
    Submit reports each Friday night listed below.   DO NOT submit your report before the end of math classes for the week.
    Report for Week:
    Week 2, 2/2/24   Week 3, 2/9/24   Week 4, 2/23/24   Week 5, 3/1/2024   Week 6, 3/8/2024  
    Week 7, 3/15/24 nothing due Week 8, 3/22/24   Week 9, 3/29/2024   Week 10, 4/5/2024   Week 11, 4/12/2024  
    Week 12, 4/19/24,     Week 13, 4/26/24       
    0. What's your class color:   blue   green   purple   yellow
    1. What's the name you use in class?
    2. Your assignment header
    two-digit personal number.LastName.InClasName <EmailAddress> Assignment Code as in:
    00.asquared.Azzolino<youremailname@youremailaddress> W1
    3. How are you doing with the math? with the technology? anything really hard? really easy?
    4. For ONE topic listed this week on the course outline, state:
    a. The topic title listed on the outline.
    b. A brief summay of the topic.
    For example
    In calc I, Day 10's topic is 
    	a. Implicit Differentiation (2.6)
    	b. To take a derivative of a function not easily stated in f(x) form but in equation form, take the derivative of each side of the 
    	equation and then solve for dy/dx.
    In precalc, Day 4's topics are 
    	a. Review of slopes and functions (3.1-3.3, 4.1)
    	Graphs of "all" functions are found in the Instant Reference Box on the Precalc Notes Page.
    	Each function has a unique purpose, graph, and slope.
    	The slope of a vertical line is undefined.  The slope of a horizontal line is zero. 
    	The slope of  line is constant. The slopes of other functions change for each point. 
    5. Do you have any suggestions, comments?    

        After submitting your work, you should see a green page.   [MC,i. Home] © 1/28/2024, Agnes Azzolino