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    A project is a required assignment in this course.

    Michelle Hagman's Fall 2003 project on Order of Operations introduces the idea of projects.

    Project tasks are ordered so as to guide a student to their project's completion. The tasks include:

P1. Project Title & Focus (1 point, if topic is approved)
P2. Draft (1-2 points for draft)
P3. Conference (1 point for conference)
P4. Final Notes (1 point for final copy produced in pdf format, if approved)
P5. Presentation to the Class (1 point for presentation)
P6. Post-presentation Test Question & Answer (1 point for question/answer, if of quality & correct)

    A detailed list is provided.


    First a title is requested by the student and approved by the prof.

    A 2-page handout is required. The student prepares the handout, the prof edits and makes suggestions, the student revises the handout and the prof posts the pdf file.

    Here are Michelle's handout pages. 1st 2nd.

    [ Here are 3 different precalc students' handouts -- Ed's: 1a 2a, Jing's 1b 2b; and Thanh's1c 2c. ]


    With the handout as a prop and outline, the student presents the material to the class.

    An additional point(s) may be earned after the presentation for the creation of a test question and answer on the presented material or a web page.

    Michelle also produced other material (no extra credit) and had her son video-tape the presentation. She also produced a jingle, a word puzzle, and the puzzle answers.

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