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        "Handling" the "Paper Work"

This Is What I Want to Convince You To Do
  • Use a Bamboo & Stylus, if you draw and/or write vs type.   tablet & stylus 1   2
  • Use a screen capture
        in Windows: Shift + Windows + s
        with Apple: Command Shift 4
  • Use two-digit personal student number
  • Consider using class color coding
  • Consider using some Geometer Sketchpads

    Much of what we view today is only visible in this MATYCNJ Zoom presentation.

Pre-semester Tasks
  • Create file system w/Windows Explorer.
  • Create gradebook w/Excel.
  • Assign student two-digit number based on roster.
  • Write math.htm, class pages, letr.htm, grading.htm w/Windows Explorer Browser.
  • Make gif files for notes w/ Painter2020.
  • Post the above and notes pages for each class w/ WS_FTP.
Routine Tasks
  • Check emails at home and at school
    store and reply as needed
  • Open Painter (for class notes) and Paint (for reducing and editing) and Notepad (for notes to myself) to get ready for class
  • Open textbook and go to the section on the course outline.
  • Upload already prepared non-forms quiz.
  • Complete and submit a quiz.
  • Begin receiving quizzes
  • Quizzes: Grade, store, ready for return
    note student number, colored folder, named paper w/answer key and grades
  • Crop/resize submitted work w/Windows Explorer & paste in Paint answer gif. See: 1 - 5 - quizzes /Q2 blue.
  • Create image of grades for each section
Tasks During Class
  • First day, assign student numbers.
  • First day, introduce math.htm, class pages, letr.htm, grading.htm, quizzes/tests, Announcements.
  • Use resources as needed for review, clarification, introduction of topic.
    [Words]   calc1    
  • Open Paint files of note images, and screen shot then edit from text book, and make new image in Sketchpad, and write class notes and upload them.
  • Remove assessment as soon as possible to decrease chances to cheat. For cheating see: papers/craft/may20d.htm.
Tasks at Midterm and Just Before the Final
  • produce midterm & pre final exam "grade strips"

Sketchpad Lecture Material


    Consider some strategies for "Handling" the "Paper Work" in a remote live course delivered on the internet rather than Canvas, etc.

    The digital workload involves receiving, storing, grading, and returning work, and receiving and replying to messages.

    These topics will be examined:
  • Receiving work through forms pages, image capture, email submissions of
    "written work" -- jpg, gif, pdf, Word, Google Doc, HEIC
  • Types of assessments: Intro Letter, Weekly Report, quizzes, tests, connect-the-dots, exam
  • Support material for calculus I and precalculus -- the "inside back cover" of the "text" for example, Sketchpad lecture material
  • Organization and Storage facilitated by:
    Class color, Personal number, spreadsheets, and folders

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