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Spreadsheet Notes
spread sheet notes
    The Spreadsheet Notes & Index is a page (linked at left through button) containing notes and instructions on how to do things like create a formula in a cell, sort data, and use a funtion.
Ready-Made Spreadsheets
  • Perimeter of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, circles.
  • Area of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, circles, and figures with mixed areas.
  • Volume of prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones
  • Designed with a game- and puzzle- and test-writing teacher in mind. This is what I, Agnes Azzolino, use to
    generate problems, and
    complete computation for answer keys and games and puzzles.
  • Contains pieces of other spreadsheets.
  • Includes, arithmetic, prealgebra, algebra, some geometry, trig and triangles, statistics.
  • Same as compute.xls but with completed puzzles
  • Properties of determinants.
    2 by2 determinant - graphic and hot determinant
    3 by 3 determinant by augmented columns - graphic and hot determinant
    3 by 3 or higher determinant evaluated by minors - graphic
  • Solve Linear System in Two Unknowns by Cramer's Rule.
  • Solve Linear System in Three Unknowns by Cramer's Rule.
  • Compute each of the 6 possible ways of computing the 3x3 determinant by minors.
    Given a set of test scores:
  • Sorts scores.
  • Computes mean.
  • Computes standard deviation.
  • Computes curved cut off scores.
  • Compute z-scores.
  • Compute yearly, semiyearly, quarterly, monthly, daily, and every minute given initial principal, rate, and time.
  • Solve for P, P0, r, t, but not n, for instantaneous and non-instantaneous interest.
  • Graph two exponential curves w/user entry of parameters.
gradet.xls (grade test)
  • Input number correct , total number, and grade range and the % and letter grades are stated.
  • Using mean and standard deviation, curve a set of tests.
  • Enter 3 raw 2nd quarter grades, the 1st quarter grade, and the midterm and get the 1st semester grade.
  • Provides the user with a table of 10, 20, or 30 cells and a graphed function.
  • The user must edit the function then paste it to the other y-cells to draw a new graph.
heron.htm Hypothesis.Tests.2022.xls pica.xls
  • Convert inches, picas, points, and millimeters for use in printing and page layout and design.
  • Add 1x3, 2x3, 2x2, 3x3, or up to 5x5 arrays using matrix rules. Subtract up to 5x5.
  • Multiply a 1x3 times a 3x1, a 2x3 times a 3x1, a 2x2 times a 2x2, a 3x3 times a 3x3, and conformable m by n times a n by p
  • Multiply a 1x3 by a 3x2, a 2x3 by a 3x2, and a 2x3 by a 3x3 with color-coding to show the origin of each factor.
  • Compute inverse of 2x2 or 3x3. Contains notes & worksheet.
  • Answer key to worksheet and notes on computation of 3 by 3 inverse.
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION 3x3 inverse derivation
  • Row transformation to find inverse
  • Solve system by inverse, 2x2, 3x3
  • Matrix vs. Cramer's Rule to Solve a 3x3
  • UNDER CONSTRUCTION Solve system, Gauss-Jordan elimination
  • User & Spread sheet jointly use row transformation to find inverse
  • Graphs line given m, b, starting x, increment in x.
  • Does the above and also graphs a line given 2 points & computes the slope and y-intercept given the 2 points.
  • Graph a polynomial defined by degrees and coefficients.
    y= anxn + an -1xn -1 + an - 2xn -2 + an - 3xn -3 + an - 4xn - 4 + an - 5xn - 5 + an-6xn - 6 + an -7xn -7
  • Graph a polynomial displayed in factored form.
    y = A(x - b)B(x - c)C(x - d)D
  • Synthetically divide and then view the quotient polynomial and remainder.
    Divide (anxn + an -1xn -1 + an - 2xn -2 + an - 3xn -3 + an - 4xn - 4 + an - 5xn - 5 + an-6xn - 6 + an -7xn -7) รท (x-c)
  • Solves linear or quadratic equations. Multiplies 2 binomials or 3 binomials.
  • The prime factorization of whole numbers from 2 to 122 in two displays.
  • Whole numbers from 1 to 1000 with primes highlighted.
        This page is arrange to show that:
  • Whole numbers from 1 to 1002 with primes highlighted.
  • The times tables up through 50 x 30
  • Examine Pythagorean Triangles -- triangles with "nice" sides, generated because:
    If p > q, then p and q may be used to generate the right triangle with
          leg a = p2 - q2,
          leg b = 2pq, and
          hypotenuse c = p2 + q2.
  • For Heronian triangles see: Pythagorean Triples graphics
  • Heronian Triangles -- 2 right triangles butted up together and sharing a common side.
    for all x, generate triples
    for all even x, generate triples
    Heronian triangles are a pair of right triangles with a "shared side."
  • Enter h, k, and a to generate general form and x-intercepts.
  • Multiply 2 binomials to find the product, vertex, discriminant.
  • Solve a quadratic equation by entering the required constants and coefficients.
  • Write general form in quadratic form.
  • Graph and table of (Axm)/(Bxn)
    Watch the power of the top or bottom equal or dominate the other.
    Examine hoirzontal asymptotes or infinite increase or decrease.
    Think endbehavior and explore.
  • Graph and table of rational function, polynomial A(x) divided by B(x).
    Examine asymptotes.
    Examine the role of factors A(x) and 1/B(x).
  • Graph and table of rational functions written as A(x) / B(x) + C(x)
    Really play with C(x), the asymptote
  • Complete synthetic division and rewrite of quotient and remainder.
  • Graphs y=Asin(Bx-C) +D, where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Scatter-Plots y=Atan(Bx-C)+D, where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Graphs two sine functions where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Graphs one sine function and one cosine function where where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Solve a right triangle.
  • Solve a 45-45-90 triangle.
    Input leg a. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input side c. Seek two legs.
  • Solve a 30-60-90 triangle.
    Input leg a. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input leg b. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input side c. Seek the hypotenuse.
  • Use Pythagorean Theorem and arithmetic and basic trig.
    Input leg a and leg b. Seek the hypotenuse and the angles.
    Input hypotenuse c and leg a. Seek a leg and the angles.
    Input angle A and side a. Seek a leg, side, and hypotenuse.
  • Solve any triangle.
    Use the Sine Law, if a side and the opposite angle are given.
    Input angles A , B, side a. Seek two sides and an angle.
    Input angle A , side a, side b. Seek two angles and a side.
  • Use the Law of Cosines.
    Input sides a, b, c. Seek each angle.
    Input angle A , sides b,c. Seek no solution, 1 solution, or 2 solutions.
  • mean and (by spread sheet and table) the standard deviation.
  • z-score and stanine.
  • area under standard normal and normal curves above or below a z-score or x-score or within an interval.
  • the x-score or z-score given a probability.
  • Completes synthetic division on a quadratic or a higher order polynomial divided by a linear binomial.
  • resultant given 2 vectors automatically and manipulatively.
  • polar coordinates given rectangular coordinates.
  • rectangular coordinates given polar coordinates.
  • ALSO SEE polrect.xls, a Digital Manipulative
spread sheet notes
pdf of this page    videos of digital manipulative topics  

    Digital Manipulatives

      Digital manipulatives are now available as movable graphics (digital tokens) on a spreadsheet. They are ideal for the teacher to use as a model even without the student using them as manipulatives. They are useful for writing tests (including graphics), and for students to complete projects or labs.

      Save and edit a copy for yourself (for not-for-profit purposes), but keep the original copy right, author and source page on the table of contents where you also might add note.

      Learn how to insert a picture in a spread sheet or use or write a DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE spread sheet or just use these.

  • Digital Manipulative Spread Sheet Labs   Lab 1 , Lab 2, Lab 3 , Lab 4 , Lab 5
  • "Hundreds Board for Web and Classroom Projection" -- both the traditional board and the integer board are available.
  • 100s.xls -- Hundreds Board
  • abacus.xls -- Chinese, Japanese, Roman, etc.
  • areaf.xls -- Area formulas for a rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, circle.
  • coins.xls -- Heads and tails of penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half- and silver dollars, imprinted with cent value or plain.
  • bases.xls -- cubes for the 0, 1st, 2nd, 3rd powers of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 and coins (0, 1st, 2nd, powers of 5 and base 10).
  • fract.xls -- Movable fraction bars from 1/1 to 1/15 on multiple sheets.
  • deck.xls -- A deck of cards.
  • dice.xls -- A single die, or pair of dice, sample space and "rollable."
  • hands.xls -- shekels, tokens, in one or two hands.
  • hyro.xls -- contains glyphs, cartuches, a column, and pre made phrases with which to create "hyroglyphic" messages.
  • napierb.xls -- Napier's Bones for multiplication, division, square roots, with instructions.
  • nomogrf.xls -- Nomograph for whole, signed, fraction, decimal computation.
  • polrect.xls -- Vector addition with moveable vectors and with spread sheet computations.
  • sinelaw.xls -- sine law digital manipulative
  • slide.xls -- slide rules for decimal and fraction addition and subtraction and for log computation (unfinished).
  • strips.xls -- Multiple strips & fraction bars.
  • 42.xls -- Game for 2 Players, uses mental computation and words like multiple, reciprocal, cube, double, prime, ...
  • sumelse.xls -- Sum Thing Else Game, keep a match and go again. The most matches wins the game.
  • Term Tiles & Tokens
    create.xls -- for students, though it includes no active hot cells and only some of the "manipulative graphics."
    hot.xls -- for students, and includes active hot cells of tiles.xls and only some of the "manipulative graphics."
    tiles.xls -- for the parent, teacher, professional educator contains ALL "manipulative graphics" and active hot cells.
  • trans.xls -- contains symbols of phonetic transcriptions and index of sounds.
  • signalf.xls -- signal flags and Morse Code