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Geometer's Sketchpad Notes TOC

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Table of Contents and Links to Other Pages
Notes & TOC-- This page    
Done & Old -- completed sketches    
jpg Images for gsp -- supplemental images    
1. Segments, Circles, Triangles, Perpendiculars. Parallelograms   
2. Labels, Measures, Preferences,
    -- Format a Parameter, Reflect, Make a point white,
    -- make angles negative, add a sheet to a document
3. Creating Computing Texts, Area, Sectors
    -- Evaluate a function, Measure distances,
    -- Construct arc, Shade sector
4. Tabulate, Trace, Animate, Families, Plot Points   
5. Tools, Scripts   
6. Action Buttons, Links, Hide   
7. Work Environment    -- Menus
9. Building ReimannBoxes.gsp   -- partitioning an interval and
    -- compution of a Reimann sum
10. Motion & Trace   -- motion & animation
11. Back Story   -- How I spent the Summer of 2019 and Why
12. Notes On Other Software   -- Because I couldn't do everything in Sketch pad

  • Put an arrowhead on the enda of a function, click and drag arrowhead to extend domain of graph which is set originally by the viewing window.
  • Graph Menu (at top), Grid Form,
    square gives both axes the same scale
    rectangle gives each axis its own scale
  • Links on this page may be underlined in white so they may not appear as links. Mouseover to see if it a link.
  • Most images on this page may be enlarged in a new window by clicking on the image.
  • Shortcuts are found on each menu
  • Ctrl+Z = undo last command
  • Ctrl+R = redo what was undone
  • Ctrl+P = compute area of sector (see pg. 3)
  • Alt + > increases text size, Alt + < decreases text size
  • Click in a blank region of the work area to unselect the Arrow (Select function).
  • To move a coordinate plane move the controls for the plane --
    square grid has origin and (1,0),
    rectangular grid has origin and (1,0) and (0,1).

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