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Geometer's Sketchpad Notes
Tabulate, Trace, Animate, Families, Plot Points

Notes & TOC

  1. Construct/Generate the stuff you wish to put in a table (measurements, function values).
  2. List the measurements.
  3. Select the measures, the input for the table.
  4. Select in the Number Menu the action Tabluate.
    A table of 1 row is produced.
  5. If the figure is moved while the table is hghlighted, the measures change.
  6. Under Edit Menu, Properties, be sure "Track Changing Values in Last Row" is NOT checked.
  7. Move the stuff to change measure. To create a next row with the newest data, click twice on the highlighted table.
  8. Ctrl + E, will also add a next row.
  9. To delete the last row, Shift + Click + a second Click.

  1. Construct a point on the x-axis.
  2. Measue Menu, the abscissa to obtain an x-value for a function.
  3. Calculate an expression (to use as the y-value generator. Here the x is renamed "in" and y is renamed "out."
    Note: The "out" is not a function, it is a calculate.
  4. a. Select in order, the "in" and the "out.
    b. Select the never-seen-before Graph Menu option called "plot as (x,y).
  5. In the Display Menu, select "Trace Point."
  6. Slide the x-absissa point on the x-axis and sketchpad will trace the curve.
    Do not use the point generated by Graph Menu, Plot as (x,y).
  7. To erase traces use Display, Erase Traces.

  1. Write the function using parameters.
  2. Click on a parameter.
  3. a.Select Edit Menu and Properties.
    b. Edit Properties of Parameter box.
    c. Click OK when editing is complete.
  4. While a parameter is selected, press+ to inease or - to decrease its value and to change the graph.

Family of Functions
  1. Select a parameter and a function.
  2. In the Constructions Menu choose "Family of Functions."
  3. Edit "Properties of Locus" menu box.
  4. Upon OK, family is graphed.
  5. Edit if needed, because the family is still highlighted.
  6. Click on a blank area to finalize.

Point Plot
  1. Define the function to be graphed.
  2. Define the domain function away from the main graph area.
  3. Construct points, arranged in the order procuced on the domain circle.
  4. Measure the abscissas of each point. The abscissa of the functionr(theta) is theta, BUT, ....
  5. Number, Calculate the ordinate values using the function(abscissa value) for each point to be graphed.
  6. DO NOT define a point as the (abscissa value [theta], Function of the abscissa [r(theta)]).
  7. Polar points are written as (r, theta) so plot the r-value as the abscissa, then the theta value as the ordinate.

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