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Geometer's Sketchpad Notes

-- Labels, Measures, Preferences,
-- Format a Parameter, Reflect, Make a Point White,
-- Make Angles Negative, Add a Sheet to a Document

Notes & TOC
Add a Sheet to a Document

  1. (Optional) Open a document which has a sheet you wish to copy. Sketch pad will know what's on the document even if it not visible on the screen because it is minimized.
  2. a. File Menu, then
    b. Document Options
  3. Add a page
  4. Choose either:
    Blank Page
        If "Blank Page," click on it, you're done till the last step.
    or Duplicate
  5. If "Duplicate," continue to move the mouse to the right until
    a. all sheets in thie current document are listed, and
    b. all sketch pad documents are open and all pages on them listed.
  6. Slide and click the page you wish to duplicate.
  7. (Optional) File Menu, then Document Options, then
    a. Sit on the listed page you just created
    b. Go up the the white area above the list and edit the name as desired.
    c. Click OK.

How to Construct an Angle of Fixed Measure
in a way that dragging cannot change its magnitude

0.Construct a vertex point and a point on the ray.
1.Select the vertex
2. Go to the Transform menu.
3. Select Mark Center.
4. Select the point on the ray
5. Go to the Transform menu and select Rotate.
6. In the dialog box, enter the fixed angle by which you want to rotate.
7. Click the Rotate button to confirm your choices.

How to plot a point by parameters
NOT by dragging

1. Number menu
2. New Parameter & Name it as desired
3. Graph Menu
4. Plot Points
5. Paste the parameter in the ordered pair of Point Plots
5. Hit PLOT to plot point.

Format a Parameter, Reflect, Make a Point White
Format a parameter

Reflect Stuff over a Mirror
Color a point white

Labeling and Marking Segments and Angles and Creating Computing Texts

    Use the Marker tool to mark each angle to measure each segment.
  1. Using LETTER tool, select each vertex in order and each is labeled.
  2. Select in an empty spot to finalize action.
  3. Select each or all segments, open the MEASURE menu, select Lengths.
  4. Purple measurement boxes are place on the sheet.
  5. Select in an empty spot to finalize action.
    Use the Marker tool to mark each angle.
  1. Select a vertex.
  2. Hold the selected vertex and drag the arrow into the interior of the angle and an arrow and arc will appear.
  3. Select in an empty spot to finalize action.

    Use the Marker tool to measure an angle for embedding in a textbox for automatic computation.
  1. Select an angle which is already marked.
  2. Using the SELECT tool,
        a. Begin in an area on the sheet outside the angle,
        b. Drag the arrow to build a box which includes:
            1. the vertex,
            2. each side of the angle,
            3. nothing else.
  3. Click on:
        a. each side to deselect it.
        b. the vertex to deselect it.
        c. Only the interior angle marker should be selected (highlighted).
  4. Choose the MEASURE menu and on it Angle.
  5. The measurement is labeled and in a pink box ready for you to place the box somewhere.
  6. Click on the pick box and drag it to the desired spot. Release to clear the pink box.
  7. Release to clear the pink box. Select in an empty spot to finalize action.

    Create hot computing.
  1. Select the corner of a spot on the sheet on which to create the text and/or hot computation. Drag to form a rectangle. Release to set the diagonally opposite corner.
  2. To include a hot measurement, type the text and when a hot measurement is desired, click on the measurement listed on the sheet and Sketchpad will place it itn the text area.
  3. Use the Calculate on the NUMBER menu to create a formula or equation.
  4. Press the OK button to create the equal sign and complete the hot computation.
  5. Select in an empty spot to finalize action.

Directed (Negative or Positive) Angles

  1. Directed Degrees -- displays both negative and positive angles
    Edit, Preferences, under Units, angle, "directed angle."
  2. New Parameter
    Calculate Menu , then New Parameter, then name it, then OK.

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