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Spring 2019

    In early April, I learned I would be teaching Calc I in the fall. I have not taught calc since 2005 and my material for the course is old, or lacking, or in need of revision.

    The derivative by limit of the difference quotion picture at the left immediately came to mind. The notation is not what is "currently used" because of the x rather than h and the fact that the image doesn't move.

    For years in precalc, I've been using Sketch Pad sketches that I've written. They're basic but VERY useful. They run on the web (see angle on the web) but not on my post-crash home computer (see angle on computer).

    I needed new computers and new Sketch Pads to do the writing I planned. With these things, I could go from this static representation of the working web page to the new standard position angle.

    I completed the derivative animation and a bunch of other stuff.

      5/26/2021 Status Report

6/15/2021 Status Report
  • 2graphs.gsp  -- 1,2 graphed functions, piece-wise, composite ready to edit, link to "coordinate" and more history, table of f(x) gps files
  • limit   -- limit by epsilon-delta, by dragging x, by approach from L & R, by table
  • ReimannSums.gsp -- partitions, boxes, area by sum, antiderivative by dots
  • fX.f'X.f''X.intX.gsp  -- function, first derivative, Reimann Sums to areas, areas to antiderivatives
      Shorter Versions of fX.f'X.intX.gsp
    • JUSTdots.gsp -- Plots points on an antiderivative, no support pages
    • Justderivatives.gsp -- derivatives by definition, by tangent line, by traces of f', f'', f''', f''' (ideal for the trig cycle and for y=ex)
    • JUSTdotsWreview.gsp -- Plots points on an antiderivative, includes some support pages
  • Cartesian definition in MATH SPOKEN HERE!, includes some history
  • "Functions, Derivatives, Antiderivatives with Sketch Pad", 10/15/2021, Virtually w/Zoom,
    @ the 3rd Annual C2 Summit for Pedagogical Advancements in STEM

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