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Coordinate Pictures

Resources before Graphing Pictures
  • A Graph Is A Portrait
  • Intro to Coordinates (Perfect for Fifth Grade)
          Assignment Answers
  • Intro to Graphing an Expression (Second Page for Fifth Grade)
Pictures, then Answers
  • Lines, half-planes:
  • Circles, half-planes, line, parabola: Picture, Answer
  • Square root, parabola, half-circles, absolute value
  • Square root, circles, absolute value, parabola, lines (harder)
  • Circle, rays, sine, lines, square root: Questions w/Answer
Design A Picture Assignments
  • Design A Picture to Review Reflections
  • Design A Picture
  • Design A PreCalc Picture
Student Work
  • Poor PreCalc Picture, Equations
  • Improved PreCalc Picture, Equations

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