The Hundreds Board

© '98, '01, Agnes Azzolino

It's the Most Valuable Manipulative in Elementary School Mathematics!

It may be used when teaching:

  • counting,
  • number recognition and coding,
  • place value,
  • "money,"
  • verbalization,
  • additin,
  • subtraction,
  • pre multiplication,
  • multiplication,
  • division,
  • multiples and factoring,
  • pattern recognition,
  • integer addition or subtraction.

It may even be used to play math BINGO!

This page serves these purposes:

To act as an introduction to Addition on the Hundreds Board.
One of the dialects of the concrete mathematics language is that of the Hundreds Board. The Addition on the Hundreds Board Page gives you a taste of the power of this language.
To read the book go to The Hundreds Board
To link to Hundreds Board you might experiment with on the web.
To link to Hundreds Board as a DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE, or MathToken.
To provides you with a copy of the Hundreds Board.
You are welcome to download it and use it as desired. The graphics are larger than the ones displayed here. Click on the graphic to see the enlargement. Print the enlargement with your browser. If you need help in working with the figure, email me at: Enjoy.


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