Moebius Strip Construction


  • Step 0: Have ready glue, paste, or tape to use in connecting the ends of the paper.
  • Step 1: Cut a rectangular strip of paper in which the length is 10 to 11 times the width. In the picture above, the ends of the strip have been labeled so the top edge on each end is A and the bottom edge on each end is B.
  • Step 2: Hold each end of the long rectangular strip in front of you, one end in each hand, so as to almost form a bracelet or cylinder.
  • Step 3: Rather than forming the bracelet or cylinder, hold one end in place and twist the other end a half-twist so the original top edge - A - of the twisted end lines up with the original bottom edge - B - of the other end.
  • Step 4: Tape, glue, or paste the two ends together so as to form a twisted strip of paper. This is a Moebius strip.


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