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So, What's A Fraction?
Numerator Over Demonimator? The words barely have meaning other that "top number" over "bottom number." Learn the meaning of numerator and denominator and fraction.

Order of Operations is the Grammar of Mathematics.
If even two operations are required to determine a value, one must be completed first. Learn how to indicate which comes first.

Most Operations Are Not Distributive
4(5 + 6) is also 4(5) + 4(6) but (5 + 6)² is NOT EQUAL TO 5² + 6². Learn why and why not.

"A Number" Doesn't Mean "Any Old Number."
Algebra begins with this idea. Yes, all the rules of arithmetic hold in algebra, but, the most important idea of variable is introduced.

Know The Invisible (Understood) Ones.
Yes, it looks like an "x" but the invisible ones surrounding the "x" facalitate computation. Examine the understood but unwritten coefficient, exponent, and divisor of 1.

A Graph Is A Portrait
It's a whole, different, language! Consider the language of mathematical portraits.

Undefined Is Not Undefined.
You "can't divide by zero" doesn't mean you "can't divide by zero."

Imaginary Numbers Are Not Imaginary.
You "can't take the square root of a negative number" doesn't mean you "can't take the square root of a negative number."

Celebrity Numbers
Euler said it better: Here we'll say:

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