This web book is intended as a working reference.

MATH SPOKEN HERE! clarifies mathematics through the remedial college level using as many different formats on the printed page as possible. It provides an illustration of the word's use or meaning. It points out similarities and differences between a word's use in a math context and in ordinary usage. It provides the transcription for each word so that the reader might practice saying the word correctly. It is for the math literate reader and for those who chose to become math literate. Through pictures, graphs, written definitions, written examples, math exercises, and transcription, MATH SPOKEN HERE! communicates meanings in as many ways as possible.

Applications lists organize this study. The more basic the topic, the lower the list number.

List numbers less than 200 cover arithmetic.
Those between 200 and 310, and list 350 cover basic algebra or geometry.
Lists numbered 320, 330, and 340cover trigonometry or precalculus.
List number 400 covers with graphing calculators.

I hope you have as pleasant a time using the book as I did writing it. If you decide a definition doesn't help, is confusing, is wrong, or, is not what it should be, TELL ME by "dropping me a line" (pun intended).

Agnes Azzolino, 10 August, 1995

Once upon a time, the first version of MATH SPOKEN HERE! was written. A few years ago the current paper version was published. Today MATH SPOKEN HERE! is an entire web site, but the dream is still the same -- that the language of mathematics is readily translated for those who do not yet speak it.

Five years ago, I never anticipated a web site for this work. the original forward demonstrates that fact. Sound will soon be a reality. Animation already exists. I hope you find these pages useful.

Agnes Azzolino, 2/10/99


Time flies. Today the web version of MATH SPOKEN HERE! is revised to included support pages and additional resources written over the last few years. Not every word contains additional material, but, many do.

Check out:
[MSH! Classes] -- Lessons/Resources on Many Topics
- Algebra Notes
library - Function and Relation Library - Many functions w/their features & graphs

Be well,

Agnes Azzolino, 8/22/2005

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