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Phoenetic Transcriptions and Abbreviations

Consonant Sounds

pet, spin, top
boat, baby, job
top, stop, but
done, radio, bad
cat, uncle, look
go, again, flag
food, before, knife
very, travel, love
thin, everything, bath
the, either, smooth
send, post office, nurse
zoo, easy, quiz
shop, ocean, English
television, garage
chair, teacher, watch
July, enjoy, age
late, color, feel
read, very, your
we, away
year, music
he, behind
man, amount, swim
no, any, learn
singer, long
butter, also pronounced as /t/ or /d/

Vowel Sounds

meat, see, believe
mit, his, this-
in most unstressed positions
mate, eight, negation
met, said, friend
mat, half, cat
box, lot, doll (American English only)
bought, law, call
boat, wrote, know
book, put, should
boot, suit, through
but, love, sum (stressed)
about, area, method (unstressed)
bird, turn, learn (stressed)
teacher, factor, popular (unstressed)


buy, lie, side
boy, noise, point
now, about, down


    The abbreviations used in this book include:
  • adj.for adjective,
  • adv.for adverb,
  • conj.for conjunction,
  • n.for noun,
  • V.for verb,
  • v.t. for transitive verb.

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