Braid A
  Centimeter Cube

Materials Needed:
· a correctly scaled copy of figure 1
· a pair of scissor.
To Assemble:
1st:     This is the hardest step because browsers are not uniform in size. You need a copy of figure 1 with squares that are 1 cm by 1 cm.
      Print this page and measure the size of a square.
      If the squares are about 1 cm by 1 cm, use this cube as an approximation of a cm cube.
      If the squares are NOT close to the correct size, right-click on Figure 1, above, and use a paint or drawing program to print the figure so when printed it is 6 cm wide.
2nd:     Cut out the figure so that the slit between strip A and strip B extends all the way to strip C but DOES NOT CUT strip C.
3rd:     Cut out the figure and fold back-and-forth the remaining lines so each easily folds. Perhaps pinch the paper between your thumbnail and forefinger to make each crease or fold very sharp and more flexible.
4th:     Begin to braid the cube by holding the square A1-C1. Place square A2 on top of square B2, making a corner and an edge between A1-C1 and C2-B1.
5th:     Fold C3 on top of A3..
6th:     Fold B3 on top of C4.
7th:     Fold A4 on top of B4.
8th:     Fold A-A5 on top of A1-C1.
9th:     Fold C5 on top of A-A5.
10th:     Fold C-C6 on top of B1-C2.
11th:     Slide B-B6 under A2.
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