HOW TO PASS MATH 013 with Professor Azzolino (A-squared)

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    I took Math 013 in Fall 2017 with Professor Azzolino (A-squared). This class can be intense but it is possible to pass. Just to give you a little background on myself. I currently work two jobs (One full time mon-Friday and a part time job Friday and Saturday) with only one day off which is Sunday. I am a part time student. This is a heavy workload but I make it work and so far I am passing my classes.

    The first thing I think you would need to remember is if you don't pass this class you will have to take it again and you receive NO CREDITS for this class. Just remind yourself that a few time through the semester.

    To pass this class the first thing you must first remember that THIS IS NOT HIGH SCHOOL. A-squared gives you all the rules and regulations at the beginning of the first class. This can also be referred to on the printed syllabus she gives you and also online on her mathnstuff website ( Use this website. It is a hidden gem and it is very helpful with so many things. USE THIS WEBSITE!!! You will not be disappointed. Also on the website you will find all the notes from the every class. THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL. Especially when you have to review or study for test.

    This is a class where you shouldn't miss any classes. She allowed my class the option of attending her second Math 013 class later on in the day if needed. Please utilize this if needed. I personally did not miss any classes. This is a course where if you miss one day you can be lost for many other topics.

    A-squared also explains her office hours on the first day of class. She is always willing to help as long as you are within her free office hours. Do not be afraid to ask for help even in class. She will not just give you the answer but she will make you work for the answer along with help from your classmates. This helped me a lot because I could see my mistakes and remember them for quizzes and tests.

    Please do the homework. I really can't stress how helpful doing the homework is. Whether she collects it or not just do it. It will definitely help you in the long run. Also start ALEKS ASAP! I started ALEKS after my first class and completed this 3 weeks before the due date. ALEKS is no joke. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE WEEK THAT IT'S DUE TO START. It is very time consuming but this will also help you in class. More importantly its 15% of your grade and it really isn't that hard. I will say it is time consuming but not hard.

    Come into class prepared and ready to learn. I have learned a lot through this semester and I believe it is very possible to pass this class but you have to be prepared to do the work.

    Regarding the final, do the review before you come to class. This helped me out so much with the final. I also used the final review to study. When I took my final I was very happy I did this. Trust me you won't regret it.

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