Here's some stuff many would consider
unusual including:  digital manipulatives,  Sketchpads,  spreadsheets,  web pages, and, the things you can do with them.
The purpose of this page is to list the stuff so it may be presented in a video.
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Table of Contents & Video Times
0:41-- Play the "Sum Thing Else Game," just find a match, keep the cards and go again
Elementary School - Arithmetic
3:04 -- Add and subtract fractions, decimals, integers, on a nomograph
5:19 -- Add and subtract fractions with multiple strips and fraction bars
9:42 -- Verify a 1/4-bar with another 1/4-bar have the same length as a 1/2-bar.
    -- Find “manipulatively” a fraction greater than 1/4 but smaller than ½ and verify the size through decimal approximation
12:04 -- Show me 35 cents. Show me 35 cents in another way
Middle School - Pre Algebra
13:54 -- Divide the circle to compute its area
21:22 -- Reinforce mental computation and words like multiple, reciprocal, cube, double, and prime
High School - Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics, Trig
29:45 -- Make multiples of x+2 to represent 2(x+2) and x(x+2) and (x+2)^2 and
    -- Simplify algebraic expressions and solve equations using tiles and tokens
39:15 -- Run vertical and horizontal line tests and
    -- Analytically take an inverse
43:34 -- With a Connect-the-Dots, Find Sides & Angles of a Right Triangle
44:01 -- Curve shift/ translate many functions
50:27 -- Determine if two angles are coterminal and
    -- Define standard position
51:32 -- Build a polynomial or rational function
56:22 -- Assemble a Unit Circle jigsaw puzzle
58:48 -- Add vectors
Calc I
1:02 -- Take a limit by approaching and Take a derivative by definition
1:09 -- Label a graph with function emojis< Mean Value Theorem, Rolle's Theorem
1:22 -- Graph the sin(x) and its 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th derivatives using trace
1:26 -- Examine angle of elevation/depression and ladders with h(x), y(x), h(y), x(y), and h as variable, and h as a constant
1:30 -- Compute an Antiderivative by Reimann Boxes
1:43 -- Play addition rummy with a deck of cards
1:44 -- "Roll" a die or pair of dice
1:45 -- Hold a shekel in your hands
1:46 -- Move an abacus very slowly
1:48 -- Use Napier's bones to multiply


Elementary School - Arithmetic

Middle School - Pre Algebra

High School - Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Statistics, Trig


Calc I



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