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Interactive Trig Sketch Pad Material
- Right Triangle Trig
- Radians
- Unit Circle & Pythagoresn Identities
- Polar Graphing
Spread Sheets -- Dynamic Computation
- Right Triangle Trig
- Graphs of Trig Functions
- Solve triangles
- Use Sine Law & Cosine Law
- Graphs y=Asin(Bx-C) +D
- Graph & Compair Two Trig Functions
- Sine Law Digital Manipulative
Triangle Vocabulary
- includes Greek letter notation
Right Triangle Sides & Angles
- 7th - 10th-grade work sets stage for Trig
30°-45°-60°-90° Angles
- from the equalateral triangle and quadraleteral
Unit Circle
- a circle with a radius of 1 for easy computation
- trig definitions
Pythagorean Trig Identities
- through a unit circle
- trig functions
Special Angles
- in all quadrants
Fractions then Radian Measure
- Name improper fractions from 0 through 2
- Use these fraction to name radian angle measures
Sine Law
- ambiguous case
Trig Fx Translations, Etc.
Solve Triangles
Vector Addition
- w/paper, w/spreadsheet, w/html
Trig Cheat Sheets
special angles, etc.
Proof of the Sine of the Sum and the Cosine of the Sum
Trig Tables
Short Tables for Graphing of Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Etc.
sine & cosine
tangent & cotangent
Arc Functions
- inverse trig functions
Connect-the-Dots Puzzles

Stuff on Other Pages

sketchpad sketchpad
Visit the Interactive Sketch Pad Material On This Topic
    Right Triangle Trig
  • cosplay   -- just right triangle cosine
  • TraceSin   -- just graph with a slideable point to display coordinates
  • sinplay   -- just right triangle sine
  • tanplay   -- just right triangle cosine
    Unit Circle and Identities
  • unitfx   -- 6 functions with a unit circle
  • Pythagorean   -- using only figure to adjust angle
  • PythagorIdentities   -- using either figure or parameter theta to adjust angle
  • SinCosTan1stDay   -- Just sine, cosine, tangent of right triangle angles.
  • SinCosTan6fx   -- All 6 functions in right triangle only.
  • SinCosTanAllNumbers   -- All 6 functions in right triangle and forall numbers,
        * controlled by figure for right triangle,
        * parameter-defined angle measure in degrees for all measures, and
        * parameter-defined angle measure in decimal number times pi for radian measures
  • sinNcos.gsp   -- sine and cosine in right triangle only
  • TraceCos   -- drag point f(x) to state and show new ( x, f(x))
  • TraceSin   -- drag point f(x) to state and show new ( x, f(x))
  • 2 Sine Functions -- Asin(Bx-C) + D on 2 functions for comparison also h(x) = sine + cosine
  • SinTraceDerSum -- Sine from many views, right triangle, ABCD, derivative, antiderivative
  • polar.gsp -- r()=asin(b -c)+d

spread sheet notes spread sheet notes
Spread Sheets -- Dynamic Computation

  • Graphs y=Asin(Bx-C) +D, where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Scatter-Plots y=Atan(Bx-C)+D, where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Graphs two sine functions where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Graphs one sine function and one cosine function where where A, B, C, D are input values.
  • Solve a right triangle.
  • Solve a 45-45-90 triangle.
    Input leg a. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input side c. Seek two legs.
  • Solve a 30-60-90 triangle.
    Input leg a. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input leg b. Seek a leg and hypotenuse.
    Input side c. Seek the hypotenuse.
  • Use Pythagorean Theorem and arithmetic and basic trig.
    Input leg a and leg b. Seek the hypotenuse and the angles.
    Input hypotenuse c and leg a. Seek a leg and the angles.
    Input angle A and side a. Seek a leg, side, and hypotenuse.
  • Solve any triangle.
    Use the Sine Law, if a side and the opposite angle are given.
    Input angles A , B, side a. Seek two sides and an angle.
    Input angle A , side a, side b. Seek two angles and a side.
  • Use the Law of Cosines.
    Input sides a, b, c. Seek each angle.
    Input angle A , sides b,c. Seek no solution, 1 solution, or 2 solutions.
sinelaw.xls -- sine law digital manipulative

Triangle Sides & Angles Vocabulary

Right Triangle Sides & Angles

Fractions, Radians, Angles

Trig Functions of Reference  &   Special Angles

Six Trig Functions and the Unit Circle

Inverse Trig Functions

Pythagorean Trig Identities

Cheat Sheets of Trig Identities

Sine Law

Connect the Dots

  • Addition, use components to compute the resultant
  • vector.xls -- completes scalar addition, multiplication, and vector addition.
  • polrect.xls -- A DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE for drawing and addition of vectors.

central angle
cot, cotangent
Pythagorean Theorem  
reference angle
sec, secant
sin, sine
special angle
tan, tangent

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