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  Polar Equations & Graphs & Links

    This is a support page for Polar Graphing. Here is review material and polar graph paper. Below are links for further research, and some suggested tasks/questions.

    Cardioid is Greek for "heart."

  • Use the formulas at the left and Polar Graphing to seek why it has this name.
  • Use the link just above and make your own cardioid.
  • Feel lazy or want a hink of the possibilities, see bPolarLibrary and dPolarLibrary.
  • Do some research to see what a Wankle engine has to do with a cardioid.
  • Check out Cardioid at Wikipedia.

    Limacon is Latin for snail.

  • Visit Limacon at History at St. Andrews.
  • See: Limašon trisectrix -- angle trisection at Wikipedia.
  • Take the equation at the left an see if you can generate a similar curve you like better.

    Lemniscatus is Latin for "decorated with ribbons" and these look like a figure 8.

    See Lemniscate at Wikipedia.

You really MUST visit:
Famous Curves Index
at the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of St Andrews, Scotland!

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