The Languages of the Math Classroom

© '98, Agnes Azzolino

Table of Contents and Preface

This page begins the collected lecture notes for "The Languages of A Mathematics Class" presented at 10:00 am on October 22, 1998, by Agnes Azzolino at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey. Feel free to use this material but quote the source.

Warm Up
- problems prior to the lecture are found at:
Intro to Math Lanugages
- Thoughts from 11/03 to 1/04
Features & Levels of Proficiency
- "Reasons for the Use of the Term Language,"
"Features of Math Class Languages," and the
"Levels of Proficiency" are found at:
Math Class Language Families
are found at:
The Math Class Languages
are found at:
is found at:
is found at:
The Semiequation and Semiexpression
is found at:
is found at:
Math Exercises
is found at:
Math Exercises Animated Gif
is found at:
is found at:
"The Hundreds Board"
is found at:
"Graphing with Manipulatives"
is found at:
Golden Rules & Closing
is found at:

Some of this materials has been published or presented before and may be found in the following publications which are also listed on appropriate pages as endnotes.

"The Hundreds Board,"
Agnes Azzolino, © 2/24/97, TXu 813-453 and Math Games For Adult and Child Agnes Azzolino, © 1993, ISBN 0-9623593-4-3
"Tristadecapath to Math," and
"Word/Symbol/Picture/Graph Paper,"
from FALL '96 PAPERS PLUS, Agnes Azzolino, © 1/2/97, TXu 777-607
"Coordinate Plane" and
"Absolute Value Dilator,"
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"Precalc Questionbook,"
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from "MATYCNJ August '96 Newsletter," Agnes Azzolino, © 1996

The Languages of the Math Classroom

    Verbal, Written, Pictorial, and Concrete (the Hundreds Board, for example) are the four broad mathematics language families discussed in this electronic monograph found at and additional pages (ISBN: 1-929-870-01-9 © 1998, Agnes Azzolino).

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