The Languages of the Math Classroom

© '98, Agnes Azzolino

Warm Ups

Please do these.

1.Mentally add 45 and 32.
2. Mentally graph four less than the absolute value of a number.
3.Explain how you mentally did problem 1.
4.Explain how you mentally did problem 2.

Please solve the following problems on paper. Show work for possible partial credit.

5.Compute the change from a fifty dollar bill for the purchase of 3 notebooks at $2.90 each and 2 CDs at $14.50 each.
6.Three consecutive integers are involved. The sum of the first, triple the middle, and four times the largest is 131. Find the integers.

When you have completed the above problems, please:
* Introduce yourself to someone else.
* Ask this person to be your partner.
* Compare your answers to the above questions.
* Confer with this person whenever you are asked to
    DTWYP, Discuss This With Your Partner.

The Languages of the Math Classroom

    Verbal, Written, Pictorial, and Concrete (the Hundreds Board, for example) are the four broad mathematics language families discussed in this electronic monograph found at and additional pages (ISBN: 1-929-870-01-9 © 1998, Agnes Azzolino).

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