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Create A WordPress Slider

Your Sites May Not Need A Slider -- It Depends on the Site and Audience

    Through links below you are welcome to visit other web sites to see what they are doing. Click on the site name to visit the site.

Wall Street Journal --- Heaviest on text. Many images. No slider.
New York Times --- Heaviest on text. Many images. No slider.
USA Today --- Lightest. Most images. Fancy slider towards the bottom of the home page.

Begin Building a Slider

    This is what a slider looks like without image and text.

    This is what you need to hold the text or image or mix.

Right-click on the
white image & save.
A good size for a slider
400 pixels horizontal by 200 pixels vertical

    Before building your own slider, see come others to judge what you want on your slider. Click on the page name to visit the site:    
        AMTNJ 2017 in Review (mostly sliders, some other pictures)  
        AMTNJ 2018 in Review

Pictures of People Require Successive Resizing

    Juggling the images takes HOURS! And, no one who hasn't done/tried it would believe you if you told them.

    The images get earier the longer you do them, but, they still take hours.

    I've edited the scrap paper I used to create the headshots and images I put on a Scholarship Winners slider. It is proof that it's not just you that takes so long.

    These are the pixel sizes used here.
                    source picture: 1348x1904 pixels
                    1st resize: 401x546 pixels
                    final resize: 126x172 pixels

    Click on the 1st image to see an enlargement. Click on the last 3 to see actual size images.

Resize, Crop, Save

Click on the image to see an enlargement.
  1. Use a paint or photo program.
  2. Open your source file and save it as a new copy.
        as in wp22.jpg wp22.jpg & wp23.jpg
  3. Don't work with your original. Work with your copy and save it under a new name. I usually stick a lower case c in the name for cropped, because the final picture with be cropped original.
  4. Select with the select tool the area of the picture you desire buy creating a rectangle the shape you wish and save it .
        as in photo22.jpg photo22c.jpg

  5. Next resize. I usually use the horizontal to be changed to the size listed on the web page.

    Let the vertical go till you are happy with the horizontal.
  6. Resize and save repeatedly as needed. You may need to play with this a while.


How about a logo?

    Suppose you've created a slider for a post announcing a meeting. Does it look alright? Does it need some adjustments? Might it be improved? YES!

    How about a logo?

  • A logo creates "identity" and instant recognition.
          Did you ever hear of Nike, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Hewlet Packard? Every one of them has its own well known logo. How about your grammer school, high school, and college? These probably had both a logo and a mascot. Why shouldn't your meeting? Your professional organizations have them, and, they have them for their meetings
  • A logo "builds" familiarity."
          The viewer thinks, "I know that symbol. Better check out what's new with the meeting."
  • A logo is a picture and "A picture is worth a thousand words."
          Use this fact to your advantage. The logo might give date, location, topic, all in a symbol.
  • A logo is eye catching.
          Text is for detail. The more text turns into a picture, by increasing the size or using a fancy font, the more eye catching it becomes. Logos catch the eye insantly.
  • A logo permits the viewer to make a connection to the meeting without having to read text.
          The slider need not have printed words "Such and such a meeting." The logo does that instanly.
  • A logo honors the meeting. There's a logo. It must be something special.
  • A logo or cover designed by the meeting chair is required for the printed program.
          Might as well make the connection as soon as possible.
  • A logo is suggested for web page/blog use on a slider and other posts and pages.
          It is suggested by AMTNJ's former webmaster. Take this link: 1/2018 Web Report then see #3, at the bottom of this text file.
  • A logo is relatively easy to create.
          Do not make it too detailed or it will not resize smaller very well. Have it reflect the meeting's theme if possible. Make it one or two colors that the meeting chair likes.
  • A logo and a head shot work very well together.
          This combination is effective for a post introducing a featured speaker or the program chair.
          It has been said that the talking head is the most effective tv advertizing strategy -- as in drug commercials.

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