Math Stuff

Microcomputers in Education Conference

03.09.09 2:45:00 PM


  • Consider the possibilities for enhanced instruction.
  • Examine "stuff" that supports and enhances "chalk & talk" teaching.
  • Play a fraction (or other) game.
  • Watch an algebra I (or other) animation.
  • Physically complete precalc "Math Exercises." [time permitting]
  • Complete a calc (or other) connect-the-dots [in the handout]
  • Consider how to easily digitally record and organize and distribute daily class notes.


    Think of a math file cabinet endowed with the properties of Mary Poppin's magic carpet bag -- good stuff ready for preplanned or impromptu use. It includes class notes, preplanned lessons, animations, Sketchpad stuff, spreadsheets, assignments, thousands of graphics, a dictionary, cheat sheets, old quizzes and tests, announcements, documents, a platform for displaying student work, and, it's a mouse-click away for students’ and colleagues’ use as well. It is and this presentation is a guided tour of some of it.

  • Begin by playing a "Who Has Game."
  • Progress through the presentation and links posted on a web page.
  • Include samples of graphics, animations, cheat sheets, manipulatives, "digital manipulatives," games, puzzles, assignments, labs.
  • End by singing the "Three Times Tables."

    The presentation includes audience participation in leader-conducted activities supplemented by lecture.

    The audience would gain an unusual and rich perspective on teaching math and hopefully be the motivation to continue to their own grow and experimentation as teachers.


  • Who Has -- Primes to 101
    Leader Material    
    Participant Material
    primes in green
    numbers, primes not in green
    spreadsheet for use today
    More Who Has
  • Game for Two Players

Graphics & Animations: Traditional & Updated

  • Graphics
    Unit Circle
  • Animations
    Point Plotting
    Factor a Trinomial where the Leading Coefficient Is Not 1
    Sketch a Polynomial
  • Updated
    Sine and Cosine on Sketchpad

Cheat Sheets & Reference Pages

  • Fraction Page
  • Logs in Words & Symbols & Sounds

Assignments, Puzzles & Practice

  • Connect-the-Dots
  • Height at Birth & Adulthood
  • Inverse Functions - Visually, Aurally, Symbolically, Kinesthetically
  • Signed Number Drill Pages
  • Writing to Learn
  • Coordinate Pictures
  • Labs
    Build a Web Page or Site
    Create a spread sheet
    More Excel Spreadsheets

Manipulatives & "Digital Manipulatives"

  • Coins
  • Multiple Strips & Fraction Bars
  • Liter Box
  • Fraction Tiles
  • Term Tiles
  • "Digital Manipulative" Library

Finish with a Song

  • "The Three Times Tables" to the Tune of "Frére Jacques"

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