Height at adulthood based on birth length and percentiles on logistic curve

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      You'll need a meter tape or ruler, the graph of GIRLS/BOYS HEIGHT & PERCENTILE, and your age now in order to estimate your height at age 20.

      If you already know your height (or length) at birth, you can even see how closely your growth follows the curve by using the birth length percentile and your current height percentile.

1st: Take your shoes off.
Stand with your back to the meter tapes on the wall. Have someone accurately measure your height.
2nd: On the graph mark the point named by
(your age in years, your height in centimeters).
3rd: This point places you height in a certain percentile for your age.
Trace this percentile to the right and read the height at age 20.
4th: Remembering that birth lengths are not usually recorded
to fractional parts of an inch, mark the point named by (your birth length, your age of 0 years). Use it to determine its percentile on the GIRLS/BOYS BIRTH LENGTH & PERCENTILE graph then see how close the percentile is to the percentile for your age now.