Make a Meter Tape

1997, A. Azzolino

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meter tape

Materials Needed for Each Person:
· 4 pieces of scotch tape about 5 centimeters or 2 inches in length
· 1 copy of the figure below (390 pixels by 900 pixels)
· a pair of scissor.
· 1 copy of the figure below cut so that 5 strips of "meter" tape as
described below exist.
To Assemble Tape:
Optional:     Laminate the figure with a thin film or protect with scotch
tape before cutting.
1st:     Note that the numbers in the figure increase from 0 to 100
with some duplicates.
1st:     Leaving the black line on the strip and removing the dotted
line from the strip, cut each of the five strips of "meter" tape so the
black line forms an edge of the tape and all other printing remains
intact on one of the five strips.
2nd:     Rearrange the strips on the desk so they look like the
original figure, numbers going from 0 to 100 with some duplicates.
3rd:     Start with the two strips with the largest numbers and one
piece of tape.
4th:     Place the larger numbers on the right and the smaller numbers
on the left so as to form a larger strip. Where the numbers are duplicates,
the strip of larger numbers goes on top of the strip of smaller numbers.
5th:     Place the scotch tape so it hangs over the leftmost edge of
the strip with the larger numbers. Tape the two strips together, and, by
curling the tape over the edge, use the excess tape to tape the back of
the strips.
6th:     Repeat this placing and taping process, larger numbers on left,
smaller on right, for the remaining strips until all strips are joined.
7th:     Write maker's name on the tape in the area provided.
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