Resources for Teaching Functions in
Developmental Math, Precalc, & Calc I

Concurrent Session, 1 Room 100: 10:10 am-10:55 am

      With a focus on functions, examine some digital manipulatives, spread sheets, and Geometer's Sketch Pads designed to bring movement to a math lecture or lab. Hear a slope. Go from slope to difference quotient to derivative. Use termtiles then sketchpad to compose functions to illustrate (line)(line)= (quadratic). “Concretely” translate and reflect graphs. Easily graph functions, composit functions, inverse functions. Graph Asin(Bx-C)+D by just changing the variables. Compute compounding, exponential, logistic, normal, ... models. All material, including Geometer’s Sketchpad, is now free. Come play.

The Talk

Why Activate?

The Languages of the Math Classroom
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Most Sophisticated and also the Most Basic

Most Sophisticated, Most Basic

VERBAL / Auditory WRITTEN / Symbolic     PICTORIAL / Visual     CONCRETE / Kinesthetic    
  formal spoken mathematics   written word   DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE     object
  informal spoken mathematics       written symbol   moving picture   model
  spoken symbol   semisymbolic   static picture   manipulative/token
  symbol speak   calculator symbol   numeral
  calculatoreze/computereze   graph
  web speak   nonverbal body language

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."
- Benjamin Franklin

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