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Wax Paper Graphing in Precalc

from Exploring Functions through the Use of Manipulatives

    YEARS ago Dr. Gloria Sanok introduced me to wax paper graphing.
    On this topic, I've presented papers at profesional meetings including in 1991, a MAA-SIAM-AMS, "Making Mathematics More Concrete: Manipulatives MINICOURSE" and in 2000, one entitled "Exploring Functions ... Lecture Notes & Intro, presentation page linked here.
     In 1991, GRAPHING WITH MANIPULATIVES was written and revised in 1994, under the title EXPLORING FUNCTIONS THROUGH THE USE OF MANIPULATIVES. The Graphing w/Manipulatives Product Line was created and sold.
     In 2016, the entire book was posted from cover to cover on
     Each semester since the 1990s, I have used the material presented here and just today, 9/22/18, completed this year's version which I shall use Monday and Tuesday. Please use it as you will. Enjoy.

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