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    For a long page that's designed for someone with an 8th grade math background, heavy on vocabulary, light on computation, but no counting theory go to A Year of Statistics in an Hour or Two.

    For just the vocabulary from "A Year of Statistics in an Hour or Two" go to Statistics Vocabulary.

    For statistics resources stay on this page, MIDDLE GROUND, the statistics info page.

Computation Resources & Probability in Calc I
  • statsc.xls - a spread sheet that computes means, standard deviations,
        z-scores, and probabilities, expected values
  • stat.xls - a spread sheet completed computes needed for hypothesis tests
  • ReimannSums.gsp - Reimann Sums & Boxes - See sheet "cum" for
        p(a < x < b ) graphically and computationally.
  • prob4calc.htm - Probabilitity for Calc I - Area Under A Normal Curve,
        Cumulative Probability, probability facts a calc I student should know


Descriptive Statistics

Normal Distributions

Binomial Distributions


Fall 2009, Statistics I Labs

Fall 2012, Statistics I Labs
  • Lab 1 - "Middles"
        Basic Vocabulary: data point, sample, population, parameter, frequency
        The paramenters called Center: average, mean, mode, median (2nd quartile, 50th percentile), midrange.
  • Lab 2 - "Spreads and Positions in Ordered Data"
        The parameters that measure Spreads: range, inner quartile range (IQR), standard deviation, variance
        1st quartile (25th percentile, median of the lower 50% of all data),
        2nd quartile (median, 50th percentile),
        3rd quartile (75th percentile, median of the upper 50% of all data )
        percentiles, z-scores, highest score, lowest score, outliers
  • Lab 3 - "Some Distribution Defined by Shape or Name"
    uniform, skewed to the left, skewed to the right, binomial, bell-shaped, uniform, U-shaped, J-shaped, reverse J-shaped , normal, Chi-Squared


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