IN MATH: 1. n. an operation or function which UNDOES another operation or function . EX. Addition of 5 undoes subtraction of 5.
adding subtracting
subtracting adding
multiplying dividing
multiplying factoring
squaring square-rooting
raising to the second power raising to the 1/2 power
taking the opposite taking the opposite
taking the reciprocal taking the reciprocal

function & inverse

f(x), function f-1(x), inverse function

x, do nothing x, do nothing

-x, take opposite-x, take opposite

1/x, or x-1, take reciprocal1/x, or x-1, take reciprocal

x², square x or x1/2, square root

x, or x1/2, square root x2, square

x3, cube x1/3, cube root

sin(x), take the sine sin-1(x)take the Arcsine

sin-1(x)take the Arcsinesin(x) take the sine

cos(x), take the cosinecos-1(x), take the Arccosine

cos-1(x), take the Arccosinecos(x), take the cosine

tan(x), take the tangenttan-1(x) take the Arctangent

tan-1(x), take the Arctangenttan(x), take the tangent

... secant, cosecant, cotangent     ... Arcsecant, Arccosecant, Arccotangent

log(x), take the common log10x, raise 10 to that power

10x, raise 10 to a powerlog(x) take the common log

ln(x), take the natural log ex, raise e to that power

ex, raise e to a power ln(x), take the natural log

bx, raise b to a powerlogb(x), take a log with that base

logb(x), take a log with a certain basebx, raise that base to a power

Dx(y) or dy/dx, or f'(x), take a derivative     f(x)dx, take an antiderivative

f(x)dx, take an antiderivativeDx(y) or dy/dx, or f'(x), take a derivative

limx cf(x), take a limit there is no inverse

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  • problems pdf -- * 3 Problems & Answers set up to first take an inverse graphically then room for algebraically

ENGLISH: 1. as defined in #1 above.

APPLICATION: (see list 280)

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