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  • So, What's A Fraction? & Zero(s) In Fractions   topics/key words: ratio, comparison. numerator compared to denominator, "number of pieces" /"number of pieces in one whole," fractions in symbols and pictures, complex fractions, fractions with fractions, division by zero, fractions with zero(s), undefined, indeterminant, Special Limits, f(0) is 0/0.
    A pdf is provided.

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sketchpad Exploring Functions Through Manipulatives
    - manipulatives for Algebra I, Algebra II, and Precalc

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    - manipulatives for PreAlgebra and Algebra I

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  • __________   "The Derivative & Antiderivative Sketchpad -- fX.f'X.f''X.intX.gsp"
  • 10/15/2021, Virtually w/Zoom, @ the 3rd Annual C2 Summit for Pedagogical Advancements in STEM, @ Raritan VCC
    "Functions, Derivatives, Antiderivatives with Sketch Pad,"
  • 1/2018, NJECC, Montclair U, "Digital Manipulatives"
  • 11/2010, AMATYC , "30+ Centuries of Computation in a 21st-Century Format"

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