IN MATH: 1. n. a streamline procedure for completing division of a polynomial by a linear binomais by displaying constants and coefficients but not variables.

      It is used:
to find zeros
to rewrite a rational function to find horizontal and other asymptotes and
to determine the end behavior.

IN ENGLISH: 1.n. same as math definition.

See Rational Functions.

spread sheet notes
Spread Sheets -- Dynamic Computation
  • -- polynomial spreadsheet
        graph a polynomial function written in factored form
        complete synthetic division
  • synthetic division spreadsheet
        just complete synthetic division of a polynomial or of a quadratic by a linear binomial
  • rational function spread sheet
        Graph and table of (Axm)/(Bxn)
        Watch the power of the top or bottom equal or dominate the other.
        Examine hoirzontal asymptotes or infinite increase or decrease.
        Think endbehavior and explore.
        Graph and table of rational function, polynomial A(x) divided by B(x).
        Examine asymptotes.
        Examine the role of factors A(x) and 1/B(x).
        Graph and table of rational functions written as A(x) / B(x) + C(x)
        Really play with C(x), the asymptote
        Complete synthetic division and rewrite of quotient and remainder.

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