Precalc Questionbook Table of Contents

Table of Contents (This Page)
Instructions    Cover Sheets: MAT127  MAT128  MAT129   MAT129, Spring '09
Questions 1. & 2. & 3: Letter, Grading, Email
Project Questions    Some Possible Projects  Quiz Questions
pcident.  pcoppos.  pcrecip.  pcsquar.  pcsqrt. 
pcfxinv.   pcfnote.  pcodev1.   pcodev2.   pcfxmov. 
Calculator Use: pccalc1   pccheat
Polynomial Functions, Rational Functions: poly3   ratl4   pcpoly1  
Logs & Exponents:
pcln.  pcexp. 
pcexp0 pcexpa pcexpb pcexpc pcexpe
pcexp1 pcexp2 pcexp3 pcexp4 pcexp5
pcexp9 pcexp10 pcexp11
Some Periodic Functions: Trig:
pcoscar   pcspec   pchold   pccut   pcfit  
pcsin.  pccos.  pctan.  pctrig1   pctrig2   pctrig3   pctrig4  
Review: pcdraw 1- 4   pcfinal   pcletr2  

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