Project, P1. - P8.

P1. Project Title & Focus

    Choose and have approved a topic for a 10-minute precalc lecture. This will be your project. It consists of:
  • a 10-minute oral presentation with a
  • not-longer-than-2-page handout and
  • a conferences with the instructor to finalize the presentation.
  • Projects will be approved on a first come/first served basis.

P2-3. Draft

    Obtain approval of the a 2-page, 8-1/2" x 11" paper, draft of your project notes.
  • Notes should include:
  • The Title
  • Your Name
  • vocabulary and introduction
  • main point or idea
  • completed examples
  • a set of typical question (and answers)

P4. Conference

    Have a conference with the instructor after you have handed in the draft of your paper. The conference will focus on the content and presentation of your project.

P5. Final Notes

    Obtain approval of the final version of your notes.

P6. Presentation

    Make your presentation to the class.

P7. Test Question & Answer

    Write and answer, after you have made your oral presentation, one additional test or exam question of "B student difficulty."

P8. Webpage Presentation

    After the Final Notes, prior to or after your oral presentation, you may write a webpage on its content. Use as a resource.

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