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      Projects are part of the question book. The steps in completing a project begin with the choice (by the student) of a title and the approval (by the prof) of the topic. Approval is made on a first-come-first-served basis.

      If a topic is not listed but you are interested in it, request it.

      If a problem in the book was something you think you could explain to another precalc student, request it.

      To see what other students have done as projects, visit: Class Pictures & Student Projects

Marked Topics Are Already Taken
Equations for Lines
Algebraic Composition of Functions
Graphing Basic Functions
Graphing Functions
domain & Range
A Calculator Program
Taking an Inverse Algebraically & Graphically
Solving Equations w/Radicals
The Quadratic
Synthetic Division
Rational Functions

Reading & Graphing Exponential Functions
Continuous Compounding
Exponential Growth
Exponential Decay
Statistical Plotting to Predict a Function
Logistic Curve
Normal Curve
Angular Speed
Matrix Use & Computation
Proof of the Sine of the Sums
Proof of the Cosine of the Sums
Sine Law
Cosine Law
Depth of a submarine.
Proof of the Cosine of A Double Angle
Proof of the Sine of A Double Angle
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