IN MATH: 1. symbol for logarithm. EX..

  • Exponential Function, exp(x) or ex
  • Lograthmic Functions, logb(x)
  • Natual Log Function, ln(x) or loge(x)
  • HOW TO APPRECIATE LOGS WITHOUT FEELING OUT ON A LIMB - xa(xb) etc., writing log equation from exponential equation VOCABULARY
  • library - Function and Relation Library - Many functions w/their features & graphs
  • IN ENGLISH: 1. n. a dead piece of wood, usually the trunk of a tree or a large branch usually without leaves or smaller branches. EX. We burn logs in the fireplace.

    IN MATH: 1. n. an exponent. EX. Write a log equation to solve .

    IN ENGLISH: 1. as defined above.

    Simplify: 1. log 1000 2. 3.

    IN MATH: 1. n. rule which returns for each arguement the exponent to which the base must be raised in order to get the arguement; the inverse of the exponential function.

    APPLICATION: (see list 340)

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