IN MATH: 1. n. a symbolically written or stated rule or generalization; an equation often used to shorten computation time. EX. What's the formula for the area of a circle?

IN ENGLISH: 1. n. manufactured liquid for an infant to drink. EX. The baby's bottle already has formula in it. 2. as defined above. 3. the mixtures of chemicals used to make a substance.

  • exp.xls - spreadsheet which computes amount, principle, using compound interest
  • math.htm computes areas, distances, perimeters
  • area.xls -- computes the areas and perimeters of rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, trapezoids, circles.
  • area.doc -- A Word® document with area formulas for a rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, circle.
  • quadequ.htm - computes quadratic formula, & The Discriminant Computation
  • zscore - computes z-score (standard normal score) and x based on z-score, &

APPLICATION: See list 120.

1. What's the formula for the circumference of a circle?

2. What's the formula for the volume of a sphere?

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