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Text and Illustrations by Agnes Azzolino

Transcription by Lisa Knight

Published by:
Keyport, New Jersey 07735-1503



Cheryl Stephens, Jody Kosack, Paul Zorn, Lynne Perry,

Michael Cannanico, Robin Caputo, Gil Card, Don Treier,

Ed Mustowski, the Randolph [NJ] High School Class of '77,

Anne Marie H., Bob Duffy, Gayle Allen, Diane Moshin,

Heidi, Michael Piscatelli, Steve, Ellen Hickory Smith,

Frank Marcelonis, Debbie Ernest Diakaki, Daya Blumenkrantz,

Robert Hesse, Denise Barrood, Christine Character, Kathy Bueno,

with thanks for all they've given and taught me.

With sincerest thanks to:
Dorothy Azzolino, my mother,
Eileen Azzolino, my sister-in-law, and
Michael Azzolino, my father,
who sat with my son while I wrote the first version of the text,

Nancy Weinman, Piscataway High School,
Ron Ruemmler, Middlesex County College,
Elaine Klett, Math Department, Brookdale Community College
Charles Oxman, Middlesex County College, and
Dr. Harold Gladstone, Middlesex County College,
who edited the second the manuscript,

Dr. Frances R. Curcio, and
Dr. Myron White,
who reviewed it after the first version printing,

Dr. M. Eileen Hansen, Director of ESL at Middlesex County College,
who wrote the grant which started this project,

the 1987-1988 Department of Printing and Duplicating, Middlesex CC,
who completed the first printing of the text, and

Michael Anthony Vinik, my son, who managed through "it all."

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Page ii: Inside cover
MATH SPOKEN HERE!, © 1987, Agnes Azzolino
MATH SPOKEN HERE!, © 1995, Agnes Azzolino
     All rights reserved.  
     Any other reproduction, duplication, or transmission of this book in
any form or by any means, manual, electronic, or mechanical, including 
photocopying or recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written
permission from the Publisher is prohibited.

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Copyright Registration Number: TX 2 020 938; Date: 1/13/87
Copyright Registration Number: TX 4-140-039; Date: 8/29/95

"So, What's A Fraction" is from Math Games for Adult and Child, © 1993, Mathematical
Concepts, inc., ISBN 0-9623593-4-3.  Used with permisson.

Parts of "Celebrities Among Numbers" is from Exploring Functions Through the Use of
Manipulatives,   1994, Mathematical Concepts, inc., ISBN 0-9623593-3-5.  Used with

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85 First Street, Keyport, New Jersey 07735-1503
Printed in the United States of America.

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