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I'd like you to:
leave with skills, not just awareness,
feel as if you learned something,
have some fun,
have something to think about and play with on the way home.


French       English     Find an Inverse in 4 Language Families

Math Class Language Stages of Acquisition







    It is most useful to:
  • Provide some free time before work begins.
  • Introduce in the concrete.
  • Debrief and summarize in the more abstract languages.
  • Visualize. It's an abstraction activity that produces a concrete result.
  • Create.
  • Use as many language families as possible.
    Use "differentiated instruction."
  • Not force someone to speak a less sophisticated language.
         You speak it.     Don't force them to speak it.

Game for Two Players

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First person to land on 60 wins the game.
DON'T go to a square that is already occupied.
DON'T go off the board once you get on it.
In division, throw away the remainder.

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