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    A break is a short interlude during which you do not consciously work or interact with the lesson.

Break [end]

    The break button, or the end button above, gets you to the list at the bottom of this page where you may choose a break.

    Try the button to see how it works, but, don't take a break now if you can continue. Use the browser to jump back to this spot after you have looked at the "Take a Break Table" at the end of the page.

You Control the Type & Length  

    The break should be long enough so that you are refreshed and ready to reinvest all your energies in the lesson.

    You judge how long that break should be.

    Don't take a long break unless you need one.

    Use a computer game as a break. This is the BEST break because it:

a. keeps your body at the computer.
b. permits your mind freedom without committing thoughts to a new task.
c. provides unstructured time for your mind to reorganize and assess and process the material presented in the lesson.

    Here's a short task. Notes are provided.


1. Find and open the FreeCell® game on your computer.

2. Write a note on how you completed this task.


    Use another nonmath, noncomputer task as a break.

    Or, use a break at the bottom of the page.

You Must Record Your Visit  

    This page can not record or store how you take a break.

    Keep your own notes on what break locations you have visited or wish to revisit.

Return Via Browser  


    Please try not to examine other things which might be stored on the same page.

    If you have material to contribute the the collection used for a break, please Email me the material.

Just Until You Are Refreshed  

    Again, break until you are refreshed enough to return to the material.

    Author's preference: [next]     Alternate option: Break

Take A Break  
  Indoor Spots Humerous Written Short
  Outdoor Spots Humerous Pictorial Longer

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