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IN MATH: 1. n. a segment of a curve, often of a circle; the set of all points between and including two specific points of a curve. EX. Arc AB includes the points A and B and all the points lying on the circle between them.   2. a prefix meaning "the angle whose." EX. The Arcsin (.5) is pi/6, in common numbers 30°. To simplify the expression mentally think "the angle whose sine is .5"   Read a complete explanation at arc.htm

IN ENGLISH: 1. n. the band of light sometimes created as electricity passes between electrodes. 2. as defined above.

APPLICATION: See list 260

1. Determine the measures of angle BAD, angle BED, and arc BE.

arc question 1

2. Name the minor arc determined by inscribed angle FIT.

arc question 2

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