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Prof. Azzolino Receives National Recognition

With 1000 members in attendance, Agnes Azzolino and 7 others received the American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges Award For Teaching Excellence at the November 1997 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. Prof. Elaine Klett, retired, of the Brookdale Community College mathematics department nominated Prof. Azzolino and said, "I greatly admire the energy that Aggie brings to her professional life. To be a great teacher one must be constantly learning and that is what Aggie loves to do - learn and teach. She remains a vital, enthusiastic and caring individual. She truly epitomizes all that is great in our profession."

Michael Drulis, a former student of Ms. Azzolino at Middlesex County College, said, "Professor Azzolino has touched my life in ways which she will never know. Her numerous perspectives and love of the field comes through everyday in her class. Her example is one that is phenomenal in innovation, teaching, and supporting students. My life's dreams have grown to a larger height because of her influence."

Dr. Harold Gladstone, retired, of the MCC mathematics and chemistry departments commented, "Professor Azzolino always brings an enormous amount of energy and enthusiasm into the classroom as well as much empathy for her students. She also brings calculators, overheads, handouts, writing activities, and manipulatives to teach and motivate her students. She was the first professor in the department to introduce the use of graphing calculators in precalculus and calculus courses. She has done this with TI-81s, TI-82s, HP-48s and Sharp graphing calculators. Following her lead we now use graphing calculators in almost all of our math courses. She was most helpful in getting many of us started in using this new technology and helping us see where this all fits in teaching our courses."

AMATYC members who are full-time teachers were nominated based on classroom expertise, professional involvement, service to the college, professional development and renewal activities and then judged by a national committee. Professor Azzolino was the Mid-Atlantic Region Awardee. This region includes Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Agnes was President of Mathematical Concepts, inc., a consulting firm and publishing house. She is the author of Math Games for Adult and Child a book of language-based math games for 2 through 7-year-olds, Math Spoken Here! an arithmetic and algebra dictionary, and Exploring Functions Through the Use of Manipulatives and Term Tiles & Tokens. She lives in Keyport, NJ and is the mother of Michael Vinik.

Agnes' earliest association with NJEA came as a 5-year-old attending the convention with her parents, brothers, and sisters. She became FTA president and a Student NJEA member while attending Westwood Sr. HS. While attending Montclair State College, she served as president of the Student NJEA chapter and became a state officer. She became the first undergraduate to serve on the NJEA's Teacher Education and Professional Standards Committee. As a high school teacher in Old Tappan, Randolph, and Piscataway, she was a member. Her parents Michael and Dorothy Azzolino were active members of Bergen County REA.

      Susan McLoughlin, then MATYCNJ President, presented the Outstanding Service Award to Agnes Azzolino, saying, "Our first recipiant is always willing to step up to the plate and do what is needed. She has been a presenter at our meetings and she is our unofficial photographer. She has been on the executive board and has opened up her home to executive board meetings. She was President-Elect, President, Past-President twice, from '85-'88 and again from '94-'97. It is with great pleasure, that I present the Outstanding Service Award to Aggie Azzolino."

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