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A Journey with Self-Assessment
            as a Compass
                        © 1995, 1998, 2001, 2016. A. Azzolino
Determine your position.
Decide your destination.
Move in that direction.
Continue to assess your position and destination
so your direction may be modified.

      The above strategy might be used to reach any number of destinations or attain any number of goals.

      In this case the goal is to provide activities, tests, exams, procedures, and assignments which maximize the outcomes of a course.

      The journey uses an instructor's continued self-evaluation of the self-written, graded, tests and assignments -- not the parts students submitted for evaluation, but the parts in which the instructor has stated the task.


      Before beginning the journey, determine your present position. Don't skip this first step. On the next page, an inventory is provided. It is a vehicle for your self-analysis of the concrete examples of your communications with students, the tests and assignments you prepare.

      Before going on to the next page, collect a sample of recent assignments or tests for each of the courses you teach. Once you've done this you're ready to complete Part One of the Math Assessment Inventory. You may need to BOOKMARK this page before going on. Once you've compiled your collection of assignments or tests, complete Part One of the Math Assessment Inventory.

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