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Pages of Number Lines
10 number lines w/o numbers
10 number lines w/o numbers marked in units and 10ths of units
Pages of Rectangular Planes
for sketching: 18 axes, no scale
3 planes each 4 by 4, with numbered axes & dots
3 planes each 5 by 5, with numbered axes & grid
6 planes each 5 by 5, with numbered axes & grid
2 planes each 7 by 7, with numbered axes & grid
2 planes each 7 by 7, w/o radians, w/numbered axes & grid
1 7x7, with numbered axes & grid
1 7x7, w/o radians, w/numbered axes & grid
1 9x9 plane
1 9x9 plane w/o radians
1 9x9 plane w/o scale
3 planes with scales for graphing trig functions
5 sets of axes w/radians for sketching trig functions
log-log plane, no axes
semi-log plane, no axes
Pages of Polar Planes
radius of 10, 360°
3 larger polar-only planes no scales radius 5
6 smaller polar-only planes, no scales labeled
2 larger polar-rectangular planes, no scales labeled
2 larger polar-rectangular, 1 w/degrees, 1 w/radians
6 smaller polar-rectangular planes 3 w/degrees, 3/radians
traditional 100s board
0 to 99 board (0 on left)
negative-positve board (0 on right)
negative-positve board (0 on left)
blank 6-column 1-101 for examination of prime numbers
filled-in 6-column 1-101 for examination of prime numbers
traditional 100s board w/primes filled in
new 120s board
Manipulative Masters for Kinetic Mathematics

Masters for concrete manipulatives, both traditional and special, are here.

spread sheet notes For digital manipultives, pictures that move on a spreadsheet as
tokens move on a board, visit MathTokens.Com.
For algebra presented manipulatively, kinetically,
      Term Tiles & Tokens at TermTiles.Com.
All TERM TILES & TOKENS masters are linked just below.
  · including masters
  · including theory & teaching strategies
  · including difficult topics to teach
  · including DIGITAL MANIPULATIVE spreadsheets!
  · the old version of term tiles - x2, x, 1: front (required) , back (optional)
Other manipulative masters include:
  · Sine Law Ambiguous Case Model
  · Meter Tape
  · Customary Ruler Graphic
  · Make A Customary Ruler -- A Learning Project
  · Multiple Strips & Fraction Bars
  · distance - in 1-, 2-, 3-space:
      classroom template
      lecture template
      Word® document w/template, instructions, assignments.
Grid paper
squares paper
larger squares paper
Statistics Paper
6 normal curves, no label on scale
2 standard normal w/stanines & probabilities given
3 normal curves, no label on scale
3 standard normal distributions w/scale & probabilities
6 standard normal curves w/scale
6 standard normal distributions
Venn Diagram Paper & Figures
Notes, Worksheet Pages, Additional Graphics
10 copies of 2 sets
10 copies of 3 sets
10 copies of 3sets, wider subsets
Regular and Semi-Regular Tessellation Paper