Algebra Questionbook - Polynomials
    © '01, A. Azzolino

In one sentence, explain how to raise x cubed to the fifth power. In other words, how do you simplify: ?

Restate the following statement in symbols. If the bases are the same, to multiply two numbers, copy the base and add the exponents.

Restate in words what this statement says in symbols.

First: List from smallest to largest these powers of 4: .
Second: Write their decimal equivalents.

1st: Copy the table.
2nd: Complete the computation.
3rd: Write a sentence or two below the table to compare multiplication of polymonials to addition of polynomials.
1._____________ ______________
2._____________ ______________
3._____________ ______________
4._____________ ______________

poly6. Restate the following statement in symbols.
The square of the sum of two numbers is equal to the sum of the square of the first number, the square of the second number, and twice the product of the two numbers.

poly7. Restate in words what this statement says in symbols:

The following are examples of expressions written in factored or in product form. Some of the products have special names.
Complete the table.
Factored FormProductThis is called a
____________ ________________________

* This expression can't be factored over the reals but can be factored over the complex numbers.
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