Algebra Questionbook - Geometry
    © '01, A. Azzolino

geom1. Write the "semiequation" and then the equation, then the work necessary to solve each.
a.) In triangle ABC, two angles have the same measure and the third angle measures 60 larger than these. Find the measures of the angles.
b.) There are two consecutive even integers such that the sum of the smaller and triple the larger is 86. Find these integers.

geom2. SHOW WORK:
Find the length of the short leg of a right triangle in which the hypotenuse measures 25 m, and the long leg measures 24 m.

Shown below is an area problem completed showing code which includes rectangles and a circle.
Write and solve and show work on your own area problem of this sort.
Use circles, rectangles, trapezoids, etc. as desired. Use area formulas and functions pages as resources.
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