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TI83-84 Calculus -- Derivative, Numerical Integration

Table of Contents for CALCULATORing
PROGRAM - Take a "Derivative," Compute a "Definite Integral"
PROGRAM - Put Calc Functions in the Y= Menu
VIDEO of "HHCC - Hand-Held Calculator Calculus"

MATH -- Computing on the Home Screen
    Using MATH Menu or CATALOG     computing on the home screen
8:nDeriv( function,variable,variable-value,error)
    f'(x) = (f(x + error) - f(x - error))/ )2*error).
    The default error value for is .001.
    As error becomes smaller, the answer becomes more accurate.
    The user must know if the function is differentiable at value.
        The calculator will just produce an "answer"
        where an answer is not appropriate.
9:fnint( function,variable,from,to,tolerance)
    default value of tolerance is 10^(-5)

CALC!! with function in y= menu, and graphed in GRAPH !!
6:dy/dx -- compute a derivative in GRAPH with COMPUTE
7:∫f(x)dx -- compute a definite integral with GRAPH
    compute a definite integral in GRAPH
8:nDeriv( function,variable,variable-value,error)
   -- graph a derivative with CATALOG
    graph f(x) and derivatives
9:fnint( function,variable,from,to,tolerance)
   -- graph an antiderivative with CATALOG
    graph f(x) and antiderivatives

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