IN MATH: 1. n. a product or quotient with one or more factors or divisors. EX. State the linear term in . 2. n. in computing interest, the number of years money is lent or borrowed. EX. If you borrow money for 18 months, the term is 1.5 years.

IN ENGLISH: 1.n. a word with special meaning in a given situations. EX. "The actor walked down right and bowed to the house" in lay terms means "the actor walked toward the audience and to his right and bowed." 2. n. a length of time. 3. in a contract or legal document, a stipulation. EX. The terms of the will stipulated that Jack had to spend all $1 million before the next full moon.

APPLICATION: See list 200.

1. Identify the linear term in .

2. Write a term meaning double a number.

3. Select the expressions having exactly 1 term.

a.b. c.d. a.e. f.

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