IN MATH: 1. v. to use the base as a factor as many times as the exponent or power indicates. EX. To what power must 10 be raised to get 10,000?

Type the argument then press button to raise a number to a power, use the x-to-the-y function, xy.
  • Do not use fraction representation.
  • Please approximate the fractions with a decimal.
  • Enter a negative without a space:  Write negative two as "-2", not "- 2."

IN ENGLISH: 1. v. to lift. EX. Raise that lid, will you? 2. v. to rear. EX. "You've raised 10 fine children, Mother." 3. v. to construct or build up. EX. "We'll have to raise the roof if we have any more children!" 4. v. to grow.

APPLICATION: See list 0.

1. What's 5 raised to the 4th power?

2. What's x - 2, the quantity cubed?

3. To what power must 10 be raised to get 10,000?


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